Thursday 18 April 2019

Easter Special - Gift's & Sweet Treats

Having taken some inspiration off of a local companies idea I decided to come up with my own Easter treats to gift my nearest and dearest this Easter. There fairly easy to do yourself and can even be done last minute one night after work or whenever. I just thought they were a little different to your bog standard Easter egg and something the kids, and even adults, would enjoy. Let's get into it.

I went to a Tesco and Home Bargain's and stocked up on a mixture of Easter inspired and typical sweets and chocolate. I bought a mixture of different eggs when they were down to half price (£2) in Tesco before opening them and splitting each of them in half. I'd like to say I ate the other half but both halves were needed for two different gifts. 

And then you fill both halves of the egg up with sweets and chocolate. Obviously the more full the better it will look, but the contents is totally up to you. I think the struggle were trying to break the Easter egg in two perfect halves and this definitely wasn't the easiest of tasks - Just take your time!

I then purchased cellophane and ribbon from The Works in order to gift wrap them. The cellophane were only a pound a roll and the ribbon wasn't much more. You must agree it's the perfect Easter wrap and so so cute for the little one's. So happy with the results.

I also bought a little Easter bucket for a pound from The Works and filled that with Easter treats too. You can add little extra's like this Easter yo-yo below.

I also made an hamper full of sweets.

Easter Treats 

Mini egg fudge and chocolate cornflakes

Sorry for the quality of the images throughout this post!

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