Sunday 28 October 2012

No7 Nail Polish - Rose Truffle

Thought had do a quick nail post before i turn in for the night, yes i am still awake i must be crazy when i have two tots to get up for in the morning. Currently 00.38am, so already Sunday; on the plus side clocks go back at 2am which means a extra hour in bed. I think clocks going back/forward only happens in the uk, for them who don't know this is so it's lighter when the kids walk home from school, defeats the object of walking in the dark because it will be darker on the way to school lol. Anyways that's my little chatty mouth going on, lets get down to the real reason i am writing this post.

No7 Nail polish in Rose Truffle, have had this post for ages got a set of five for Christmas about two maybe three years ago. I didn't realize just how much i actually do paint my nails and how long i really have been into painting them until i got this out, one that i haven't used for at least a year if not more and found hardly any in it. But i did manage to get 1 coat on each nail may of been able to get more but it was getting late and becoming a bit of a blag, with it being slightly on the empty side. It's turned out okay though. I love the no7 range which is available at boots, the polish is great value for money but feels expensive and good quality on the nail. Could do with some more because i am running out. The rose truffle name makes if feel as though it could be a pinky/brown colour. I agree it's got some small tones of pinks but its more a orange/red/brown tones to it, i think its more of a burnt orange look to me. But i think the colours orange/red and brown are perfect for autumn hence why i chose to use this colour. I also did one nail using models own wonderland snowflakes this has flakes of gold which again another perfect colour for autumn, i used models own 3in1 top coat to seal the flakes more and give the rose truffle polish a lovely shiny glow. Here are the results -

Sorry pictures are funny again.


  1. That is such a gorgeous colour! I think I will be adding this to my collection :D xx

    1. I love it too. This is only one layer if i had of done a second, it would of last more then a day. No7 polishes are great for non chipping as long as there are more then 1 coat. I had this for around two years so hopefully its not been discontinued. How ever they do a boxset of four no7 polishes at boots in the 3for2 gift section. It use to be five but went down to four xx


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