Monday 8 October 2012

My Very First MUA Products

Good morning people, it's that time again (Monday Morning) where everyone's back at work, going to be uni or being a mum. How did everyone's weekend go? My sister stayed over from thursday and went home sunday evening. We had movie night plus trafford saturday and a lovely roast on sunday at my mums. I spent a fortune at trafford, none of it for myself, except some MUA aka make up academy goodies. I actually start christmas shopping earlier then most, due to the amount of people i have in my family. Makes it that little easier to lug around plus i got my mum's birthday present, i was so excited to do my sisters birthday present that i did almost the same for my mum. I am a she said beauty box subscriber and i thought it would be a great idea to buy a fancy box from clintons and create my own birthday beauty boxes full of goodies that i know both my mum and sister would love. You can do this for anything, moving house goodie box, birthdays or even christmas. Let's get down to the real business mua.

I only went in superdrug for a mascara, i usually go for rimmel mascara when getting one, but decided on something different. Have heard so much about MUA in the blogging world, i personally had never heard of them until i created this blog. So i decided to give them ago. I couldn't believe the prices to start off with so unbelievably great value for money with most products costing just 99p. Firstly the mascara i got was £1.99 and then i so a sign for a free £1.00 lipgloss with any MUA product which was impressive as i had already got a goodie for such a bargain.

MUA Mascara -

First of all i apologize for them silly photo's they upload wrong way round sometimes and i have know idea how to put it right.

So as i said above the mascara is only £1.99 i thought it was great value for money. I would of preferred the brush to be slightly smaller. That's the only problem i had the brush size being so big, but i thought the mascara was great for the money i paid.

Before - Sorry for slight blurry pic.

As you can see the mua mascara did a good job, my lashes are long and spread out evenly with know clumps.

This was the free lip gloss i chose with my mascara usually it's £1.00 at superdrug but you may as well purchase something else for a £1.00 to get this free. The lip gloss is light pink however on applying it's a more clear gloss with a tint of pink. It's very glossy and smooth on the lips, so no sticky feel yay.

Really impressed with my first mua purchases. If you want to buy visit your superdrug store or visit online here for superdrug or here for mua.

Happy Shopping

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