Monday, 29 October 2012

Nail Post

Bet your getting fed up of me lol. This is like my fourth post today, not like me at all to do more then one in a day. I did my nails today has my last lot chipped to quickly, so it was off with the old in with the new. I really wanted to paint my nails with something that would last and very hard to come off. So what better polish then the wonderland polishes from models own, there glittery, full of sparkles and hard to come off. Very hard, even chipping. So i did all nails southern lights this is a purple glitter with flicks off blues/silvers and some slight golds. I used three coats for the coverage and on one nail i used one of the pinks from my paint for life trio from beauty uk cosmetics, the pink i used i don't use often but have taken a real liking to it all of sudden since using it today. Its a very pretty pastel pink i used this more has a base colour for my blizzard polish. I used two coats for the pastel pink and three coats of blizzard. For base coat and top coat i use 3in1 models own clear polish. Here are the results -

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