Wednesday 10 October 2012

Models Own Very Own Wonderland Collection - Take 2

Look what i have got my hands on Models Own Wonderland Collection. I was fortunate to win this yesterday via Models own Facebook. With my picture of my sale haul and i truly couldn't be happier because i planned on ordering this on Friday when it was released online, it's also available at selected boots stores already, unfortunately i was unsuccessful twice in purchasing this in boots stores. Good job as well because i ended up winning it, woo. Considering i only won the box set yesterday i was more then surprised to find it in my hands this morning, was expecting it at the end of the month at the earliest considering there busy with the most generous sale Models own just had. To find out more about this collecton take a look at my earlier post. And if you can't be bothered, here some important information about the wonderland collection. This magnificent collection of glitter polishes plus more is launching NOW in Boots. (I can't see this online yet, so take a look in your nearest boot's store, it's currently 3for2 on selected products including models own or £5.00 each) The wonderland Collection will be on the Models Own website from 12th of October for £5.00 each, how ever if you want all five i advise you to buy the box set usually £30.00 all box sets including this one when it's online will only be £20.00 each plus you get a clear top coat included. (P+P is £2.95 uk only, if shopping cart is less then £99.99. They do ship abroad but it costs more check models own website for delivery charges.)

Sorry about the lighting and poor quality of pictures.

I just love the Wonderland Collection, each polish is individual in it's own right and are just perfect for winter. They remind me so much of Christmas.


This is what the polish looks like on paper, i wanted to show you what they looked like on there own rather then with the polish i chose which was a dark one.

The colour is No7 Betty Blues check here.
 Sorry it looks a bit messy, i had my daughter jumping all over me. I decided to do a dark colour so you could see the flakes and glitter better, also with the names of each polish i thought dark would look as a night sky with flakes of snow etc falling. But these top coats would look amazing with any colour polish.

Your average clear top coat which to me was a bonus. I had ran out.

Northern Lights.
Northern light as flakes of pink/silver glitter in the polish. The nail polish is a light pink. I did three coats to build it up, but this will look great on top of another colour with just one coat.

Southern Lights
 Southern Light is a very light purple/bluey colour, with flicks of bluey/purple and silver glitter in it. Again i had to use three coats to build it up but i think it would also look fab with one coat on top of another colour.

Blizzard really lives up to it's name, this was like a complete blizzard on my nail. The polish is clear so this has to be used over a coloured polish, this as silver coloured flakes in it but it can look gold in certain lights.

It doesn't look as good here but it is lovely, i have used the wrong colour.
Snow Flakes

Snow Flakes is a perfect name for this polish, it's a clear polish with silver flakes and in my eyes completely perfect for Christmas.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost again is a clear polish and gives off that feeling of winter/Christmas. It as blue/silver sprinkles of glitter.

Finish off with the over all look of the wonderland collection.

I just love the wonderland collection, it's so christmasy and would look perfect over any colour. There all my faves but i think i will be using a lot of Northern Light, i just love pink and anything that's glittery and sparkly. These are the first Models Own polishes have ever used and i am beyond impressed.

I think there all great as a top coat and they scream winter, it maybe getting cold outside but with these polishes your nails will be HOT.

Have you managed to get hold of the wonderful, wonderland collection?
Have you got a favorite? If not do you plan on buying them? Let me Know...

Some extra pictures that are taken without flash on my mobile camera, i know the others are very low quality which will be resolved when my digital camera is empty and i have printed my photos. These one's are slightly better. Enjoy.

From L-R starting with thumb Blizzard, Northern Lights, Snow Flakes, Southern Lights and Jack Frost.

p.s Remember to look out for my Models Own sale haul coming after Christmas/new year including the mirror ball collection. Too excited!!

*All thought's are my own 100% personal opinion, i was not influenced by what i wrote or paid for to do so. However i did receive the wonderland collection free of charge due to winning a competition*


  1. Congrats on your win!!! Xoxo.

    1. Thank you. The pictues are quite bad but there really nice. If you look on models own facebook some people have been fortunate to pick then up in boots stores and there pics are way better xx

    2. I thought it was only fair i took some better shots so there are three above that are a bit better. I took the flash off. Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Awwww, congratulations!!!! This is an awesome win. I don't have any Models Own, :-( I gotta get my hands on some soooon!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you. Yes it really is have ordered loads in the sale on behalf of my boyfriend so have loads to review but there or christmas. This is actually my first models own polishes have ever used and i am so impessed. The pics aren't the best there taken on my phone, however i will do some different colours soon using different designs but for now if you look through comments on facebook on models own you will find some better designs which compliment the wonderland collection more xx

    2. I thought it was only fair i took some better shots so there are three above that are a bit better. I took the flash off. Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. These are AMAZING! Love the little glittery pots in particular! Found you through blog hop and look forward to reading more future posts :-) please follow me back too!

    1. Aren't they gorgeous. Remember there online at models own tomorrow from 10am, uk time. I am so excited to do more coloured polishes using the wonderland collection so look out for more posts in the future of course i will follow as i say the more the merrier. Thank you xx

  4. Hello! would u like to follow each other via gfc? let me know!xx


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