Wednesday 3 October 2012

She Said Beauty Box - October 2012

This months she said beauty box as more then the usual five months products in, i am guessing to make up for the fact that the products are nothing more then sample size with a palmers cocoa butter in a travel sized bottle. I am slightly disappointed but i won't be doing anything drastic and cancelling my subscription. The reason i am disappointed is the size of the products, i like to get a real feel for each product i would of liked them to be slightly bigger, but i am happy with the palmers cocoa butter, i love this product have tried it before but i run out ages ago so this will go down a treat, however i am happy to try some new and exciting products with what formula i manage to get out of them.

 Herbacin hand cream, full size. 99p for 20ml or £3.49 for 100ml

What she said beauty say -

Herbacin's Wuta Kamille Hand Cream contains a wealth of natural ingredients designed to protect your hands from all weather conditions.
Key ingredient Chamomile has been used for centuries to heal and restore; glycerine smoothes, moisturises, and ensures skin elasticity; and silicon protects the hand from everyday environmental abuse.

My review - I haven't used a lot of hand creams and this is a small sample like a Vaseline tin however i am really impressed, you get quite a lot for your money and you only need a tiny amount. This left my hands feeling very smooth and really refreshed. It smells quite nice also like a floral smell. I think when this as gone i will after buy a full tub.

Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme - samples; full size $24.50 for 118ml with free shipping. Around £15.20

What she said beauty say -
When harsh environments, sun or wind exposure wreak havoc on your appearance, Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme instantly drenches and nourishes your complexion. Pamper your skin night after night with triple-action properties that sooth, moisturize and protect against premature aging. Reveal a youthful and more luminous skin tone. Our Night Cream has been formulated with natural flower, fruit and root botanicals to absorb quickly, while antioxidants guard skin against free radicals. Fast-acting and long-lasting, Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Cream is proven to increase skin hydration while you sleep.

My Review - I fair like this, the creme is a great one for a nice little pamper. The creme is like a mask and peels off in little bits, it smells floral which is quite nice. i was quite impressed with the amount you get there only small but you can get 2/3 nights out of one and will most defiantly be using it again tonight because it left my skin feeling very soft and smooth.

Palmer's cocoa Butter - Travel size; £1.19 for 50ml or £3.85 250ml

What She Said Beauty say -

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Travel Size Lotion contains all the goodness of the full size lotion; its enriched with Vitamin E and pure cocoa butter and will deeply moisturise any dry spots while smoothing marks and toning skin. Ideal for keeping your skin nourished and conditioned all weekend long, you'll be sure to use every last drop of this indulgent travel essential - meaning one less thing to pack for your return journey!

You purchase this at Superdrug & boots

My Review - Cocoa butter softens, smooths and relieves dry skin. On application it smoothes marks and tones skin. I love this, it's a really good cream and it smells gorgeous. Fantastic purchase for mums to be.

Cellnique advanced bio renewal masque - sample or $51 for 50g with free shipping. Around £31.69

What she said beauty say - 
This unparalleled scrub masque is formulated with a complex of fresh fruit enzymes and acids. It effectively works in exfoliating dead skin cells, optimizing the cellular renewal performance and deeply cleanses the pores, thus revealing a softer, fresher and healthier skin.
For all skin types and all ages.
Benefits: Exfoliates dead skin cells and cleanses the pores; Optimizes the cell renewal process; Slows down the aging process; Offers instant lightening, brightening and whitening effects.

Purchase Here.


My Review - I love the smell of this, it smells like strawberry bubble gum. Look forward to trying it, its a very small sample and you don't get much product in the tub. This was a very small sample, probably could get two days out of it depending on how thickly you apply it. I didn't with my first attempt. I preferred last months face mask which was actually ALOT cheaper. check it here. I wasn't so keen had go out and buy it and i don't think it's worth the price.

B.liv off with the those heads sample; $49.00 for 30ml or $63.00 for 45ml with free shipping. Check google for the currency converter

What she said beauty say -
Say goodbye to painful squeezing! This light cooling gel promises to easily remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads in just 14 days of daily application. It keeps excessive oil secretion under control while preventing future irritation and breakouts.
Best for oily skin with blackheads and whiteheads (all ages)
Benefits: Removes blakcheads and whiteheads, Keeps acne under control, Control oil, Unclogs pores, Provides a gentle exfoliation, Has soothing and hydrating properties

My review -  This smells like toothpaste. Again another small sample, don't think i can get a proper tester out of this because i don't see know change which you probably notice after using a full week.

my vitamins full size £2.49 for 30 tablets

She said Beauty -
Chromium is a trace mineral responsible for the maintenance of blood sugar levels. It occurs naturally in whole-wheat grains, fruits and vegetables with its greatest concentrations being found in brewer's yeast.
Total Chromium is a premium quality, highly effective tablet providing 200mcg of Chromium Picolinate, regarded as the most effective form of Chromium for human consumption. Chromium can help regulate blood sugar levels, especially when dieting and supports the breakdown of fat and carbohydrate to assist your weight management goals.
These easy to consume tablets make Total Chromium the ideal supplement for weight control.

My Review - I am unsure whether i will try these tablets or not because i hate taking tablets how ever i may try one. For a tester for you people.


  1. I'm still waiting for mine, don't know whats happening to the bloody post in my area! Not my fave box though, I prefer make up and the products are small too.

    1. Mine came this morning at like 8am. Was pretty shocked because deliveries usually come at dinner due to lack of postmen and the change that's going on. Not my fav but theres some alright products to try, new ones that have not used they could be bigger. I am having some real problems with my posts this morning, reckon the bloggers slightly down lol. Taking me forever to do this xx

    2. Hopefully blogger gets sorted for you asap. I received my she said beauty box now, the vitamins are the product that I like the most lol. I also received my models own order, woo hoo, xoxo.

    3. Woo check your postman out lol. Hes found your address ;) i have wrote more on my post but its not showing up half of it even seems to disappear as i get towards the end of writing my post. I hate tablets with a passion, had a sore throat for over a week so struggling to swallow :( the box isn't as bad as others make out its just the sizes are small the products are okay. But not entirely shocked great britain the nation of moaning :) xx

    4. Oh dear, I hope the blog thing gets sorted. I've had a sore throat too, hope you get better, :) xoxo.


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