Friday 12 October 2012

My shopping Haul - 12.10.12

Today as been so hectic, new sofa/footstool and a girly shopping trip with my mum and sister. Okay so not majorly hectic, but quite busy and had loads of fun. I was awoke at 7.10am by my mum texting me, thank god for mums because me and my boyfriend had no idea what time the sofa was to be expected but when we looked online it was between 7.45-11.45am arrgghhh. So after a quick rush getting ready i decided to go over to my mums, to meet her before heading into town. It was a much needed break away from the kids and a lovely girly catch up :) The sofa is here also (my bf waited in) and it's absolutely amazing, so comfy - i could just fall asleep. I already mentioned earlier about my little trip first of all to Tk Maxx; (i deleted the post because i thought i may as well put it in my longer post) In Tk maxx i was drawn to the beauty section aka polish. I am addicted, remember. Well i just couldn't believe the bargains i came across, tbh it never occurred to me to even check in there and i am so glad i did because now i know. And no i actually did not buy anything because have bought to many recently and the amount i am getting for christmas is just unbelievable but i was tempted, in fact to resist the temptation my sister quite literally dragged me out of the store. On the hunt which i will let you all know about, so you can go shopping is 4 essie polishes for just £9.99, china glaze for around the same price for 3 and opa (i think it is can't be sure so sorry) and also some nails inc polishes in both mini and full sized for sets of 3/4 and 5, for less then a tenner. I also came across models owns in sets of three for only £6 there suppose to be £5 each. So all i can say is happy shopping whilst i go and cry into a tissue for passing off the offers which they really were because the RRP compared to the price they were selling for was a complete steal. Now i will show you my shopping haul -

I really want to try the ombre nails so i decided to get some wedge make-up sponges because i think they would be perfect. There a triangle shape with corners so a lot easier then a round one. Superdrug £3.59
Earrings from internacionale and only 99p, my sister got the black ones, so i decide on baby pink. I am really into the feather nails and have owned two pairs which unfortunately have broke, i paid a bit more for the others so decided on a cheaper pair if there not going to last long. So these are fake feathers obviously, pale pink dipped in glitter. I really like these.
I bought these butterfly set of three bags for my mum for one of her Christmas presents. I really like these and so does my mum hence why i purchased them, i think there quite vintage looking. And they only cost me £4.65 from superdrug, these are in the Christmas section as part of the intro price and are usually more. They usually do a 3 for 2 at superdrug everything seems to be intro this time round, i am unsure whether they will do 3 for 2 this year. But there are some real bargains in store and online.
Bit boring but nail polish remover, from superdrug again costing £2.15. I got the weak nails one for unknown reasons, my nails aren't as weak as they use to be. But i think its the colour of white that attracted me because polish removers are usually blue/orange and this is different lol.
Rimmels stay matte long lasting pressed powder - peach glow. Superdrug £3.99, i was running out. And i swear by this, it's my must have make up product, have tried other powders and nothing compares even close to rimmel. There maybe better ones out there but the ones have tried are not very good apart from this which is brilliant.
I bought myself some models own brushes in the sale and my little sister could of done with some new ones. So i bought her these for christmas, have bought her something else too so thats her done, i am on a role and start early lol. These were £4.65 also in the intro at superdrug, i checked out the reviews on these, they were only one on superdrug but the buyer loved them so much she bought two boxes. My son decided to climb on it and break the box slightly, but there four brushes in a lovely little fold up case.
I really love charlie deodorant, the smell is so heavenly i usually buy charlie pink spray but decided to have a change because have never smelt this one before. In fact i still haven't smelt it so when i do i will write here what it smells like. This one is new and called enchant, charlie also does perfume of each spray they have in little gift sets which are perfect and quite cheap for a little stocking filler, mainly for younger teens but i love the spray and this was a bargain because i was half price and only cost 84p at superdrug.

Girls best friend, well one of them. 

I have needed some new boots for a while now, my old ones have worn at the front. Hard to believe but i actually don't own many shoes. But i am getting to that age yes 21 where i have taken a sudden liking to make up, clothes and nail polish. I am so girly, when i was a teen like 13/14 i was such a tomboy since about 19 have gone really girly, and i am getting more girlier everyday. The idea was not to get suede because i have some ugg styled boots that are suede and these are for autumn/winter wear. So i went and got suede only because i completely fell utterly in love with them, i would of regretted going with another pair. I usually go for long boots but decided on these for a change, there so comfy too. Only £27.99 from new look.

I believe that we have the best high street for shops in the world, but not in my town centre lol. 
I forgot to include this before lol. This was only £4.00 from superdrug, from mua (Make Up Academy) I just had to get it the colours are lovely, this onces called starry night but theres like three other pallets available. I am also yet to try this, but this is one of them products you need to devote a whole post too. So review coming soon.

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