Monday 22 October 2012


I Haven't done a post in a few days now. I like to give you all something to have a little glimpse of. So it's nails again. I have once again used the hot pink from the trio of three from the beautyuk paint for life, collection has well as some from the wonderland collection. I am in love with these colours at the moment. There not very autumn, in fact i am looking forward to christmas just so i can experience new colours. I am not one for going out and just buying new stuff if not necessary because i have two kids. So hurry up christmas lol. Here are my nails -

Natural Light

I used the same colour on all nails hot pink from the beautyuk paint for life trios. I coated all nails except thumb with jack frost, this does make the nails go a slightly different shade of pink, but i love it. I had to show you my thumb on it's own with half and half using southern lights from models own wonderland collection. I love this look and may even try it on all nails. I know the wonderland collection is more christmasy then anything, but in my eyes there is nothing better then lots of glitter and sparkle and in my opinion can be used anytime of the year. I love it :)


  1. Great design! I never look into whether its autumn or whatever season, if I like I wear lol (make up wise anyway lol), xoxo.

    1. Haha same. I could if i would buy stuff all time with two kids plus christmas coming up its too hard work. Had rather treat them anyways. Roll on christmas its early but have got some lovely stuff i know about. Too spoilt :) xx


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