Monday, 1 October 2012

Cancer Research UK

Hope, Strength, Love
As it's the cancer research week, i wanted to be involved some way and show my support for Cancer Research UK. I lost my grandma to cancer, so its a something very close to my heart. Cancer is a horrible disease, but it's struck us all in some way, whether you have lost someone, had it and fought it or got it and fighting it. I decided to be part of the paint for lift for Beauty UK Cosmetics. By painting my nails to show my support for everyone who will/continues or as been affected by cancer in some way. I would love everyone to get involved by purchasing a paint for life trio which is three sets of nail polish which raises money for Cancer Research UK all in lovely shades of pink for only £5.99 every set that's sold £1.00 will go to cancer which will make such a big difference, £1.00 isn't a lot but it will go a long way. So please help by purchasing and you will get a lovely set of polishes as well as make a huge difference to many peoples life's.  

Hope, Strength, Love
Let's fight cancer together

BeautyUK Cosmetics

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