Monday 1 October 2012

KKcenterhk Products

kkcenterhk got in touch with me at the beginning of September asking me to review a couple of products, i was more then happy too. I had never heard of there company/products and i just love to try new products. After discussion about what products i wanted to choose they sent me an email saying they were on there way 20.09.12 and they were here Saturday that just past. Fantastic delivery considering they came from Hong Kong. Here is what i chose.

LINGMEI Black Luxuriant Curling Mascara
 Click to buy. The Mascara retails at £9.33 LINGMEI-LM1723

I really liked the packaging i thought the lid detailing was a really nice extra touch to the product.

Before applying mascara

After applying mascara

I really like the mascara, it gave my eyelashes a really nice and long look. You don't need a lot of mascara and it really spreads them out without giving it that clumped up feel that you get with some products. I think this is a great mascara if your trying to achieve the false long eye lashes but making it look more natural but thick look.

I also got some eye shadow.

JOJO Make-Up Colors EyeShadow


Eyeshadow is currently sold out
but check back online to see when it's available.

I actually am in love with this eyeshadow pallet that comes with four different shades of colour, black, purple, silver and white. It's perfect to create that smokey eyed look that all the celebrities are crazy for and i know that i love that look as well. The black was slightly hard to apply but i think this would of been perfect with some better eyeshadow appliers i used the small ones that came with the pallet. I created my own smokey look using the black as a base then applying the silver eye shadow over that and white in the corners. They are the perfect colours to take from day to night, how ever it was a sunday when i first applied this and roast dinner at my mums isn't really a smokey eyed occasion. So i did what i said above and i loved it, the silver is so sparkly and great for the christmas occasion and the colours are great for the autumn also.

I am so in love with this eye shadow its unreal. I hope you like it too.
Why not take a look over at kkcenterhk and see the goodies you can purchase there are so many beauty products its a girls dream come true. False eye lashes, nail polish and more. So what are you waiting for?

Happy Shopping

*This company is a sponsorship, i was not paid however the products were sent for me free by kkcenterhk to review. All opinions are my own*


  1. Very nice! Great for a night out, even though we really can't have one because of our lil ones lol lol, xoxo.

  2. btw I noticed on fb you received your models own haul, I bet its keeping you busy. I'm surprised you have the time to blog! Haha, I still haven't received mine :(, do they come via the royal mail van or just the postman? xoxo.

    1. I second you to that have been town twice since having my first lol. Had rather take them out for the day then go drinking. It literally takes me 15 mins to do a blog post i take pics at night or on opening. This one i did whilst getting ready to go out. Call me a good multi-tasker lol. My kids are really good and there dad keeps them occupied when hes not at work so i have time to myself to do few things i enjoy doing also xx

    2. I also been browsing on laptop alot christmas is 12 weeks away and my family is a big one. I ordered wed it came fri my boyfriend answered door was a big package so i imagine the van my royal mails changed here thet cut the staff in half not literally lol and got the remaining working later and more there just isn't enoygh time to do everything so there going back with loads of crap. My dads a postman lol xx and its for christmas i shopped for it my boyfriends giving it me ha. So will be no reviews until newyear. Bf going crazy cause i keep looking at it they did a mix up with 1polish so waiting for that to come. And im on my phone now lol xx

  3. Haha Miss multi-tasker lol, I've been doing more posts lately because my son has started nursery in the mornings now. I ordered mine weds as soon as the code came live on fb, so I'm guessing I should of received it by now, but I'm gonna have to wait until the 10 days it says on their website. Sometimes companies write my address wrong or if my normal postman is off then my things go missing :(. Lol I'm guessing your gonna have a massive xmas, thanks for letting me know about the delivery, xoxo.

    1. That's me. But have been a bit lazy today and the kids have trashed the house, youngest is going through a throwing everything around phase. The dvds are all over the floor only a few glad it's not all theres about 80. I am a dvd addict too. Yes there all mine not my boyfriends. He as about 7 lol. I ordered mine within five mins of it coming on had everything stored in my checkout blag plus i was already logged on models own website lol, eager. Oh dear that's not good. I hope my other polish comes soon else i will be gutted i am mad about glitter and sparkles i was looking forward to that one more then any of them but they said i could keep the other as an apology. Well with our families joint its huge. Cause have got two kids i start earlier too so i can manage to get everything. I want everything decent for them but i look around comparing prices and that take advantage of deals. Makes it easier to get it over a space of time cause kids always with me and my boyfriend works alot and my town center is full of pound shops lol xx

    2. I go out of town to retail parks, smyths toys r us, boots, superdrug, i have boots and superdrug in town but its mega rubbish because theres nowt else to look at except pound shops. I like trafford center too infact i love trafford. Blackburns better then my town. I hope i ain't blagging you with my oversized comments haha xx

    3. Haha, no your alright. I get most things online for everyone and if my gran can look after my son, I go to the disney store as my son is obsessed with Cars disney lol, xoxo.


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