Friday, 12 October 2012

Different nail colour - same polish. Wonderland.

On my wonderland take 2, i mentioned that i would do posts about the wonderland polish using different colours to see how they look with different tones. I decided to keep this one pretty simple, but in theme with the fact it's breast cancer awareness month. So lots of pink. The polishes i used are.

Beauty UK's very own LOVE polish from the paint for life set of three pinks. I used three coats of this. As well as -

Models own clear base coat and top coat

Models Own Northern Lights
from wonderland collection.

And Jack Frost from the wonderland collection.

And this is what i came up with, the northern lights looks silver on the picture but it's actually a pink colour i also used three coats once again for this. On the thumb is jack frost i only used one coat on the pic but put another on after taking this because i wanted more of a sparkle. I have found that the jack frost is different colours depending on what colour polish you have on. I really like this design, it's perfect for breast cancer awareness also.

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