Thursday 18 October 2012

Ombre Nails (Thumbs) Re-Done & My Win.

Last night, extremely late last night i thought it would be a good idea to do my first attempt at ombre nails, of course they were alright i guess for a first timer. But i have seen better A LOT better!! I am such a perfectionist and if it's not right or perfect in my eyes its straight off lol, this morning as soon as i woke up i decided to try again but decided just to do it on my thumbs. Which have turned out better but not brilliant. I used again paint for life trio of pinks by beautyuk cosmetics, only two of the colours a hot pink and a baby pink. I also used wonderland northern lights and jack frost on the other nails by models own. I painted the other nails in the hot pink.
These were the results -

No flash.


Think it's pretty obvious i love glitter and anything that sparkles with the amount of posts i do with glittery nails.

It would of looked better with the hot pink further down the nail. Won't be doing a nail post for a week or so because when this as chipped i need to give my cuticles/nails a break.

Also i wanted to share with you my superdrug win that came this morning. Was quite a surprise because superdrug never email to say you have won so if you win its just in the post and you find out when the post man as given it to you. I expected it to be another win i won the other day. Which i will share with you when i retrieved it.

So i won some goodies by clean and clear which is great have used a clean and clear product before, in fact i think it was the deep action cream wash but can't be 100% sure. This is great because it gives me something new to try as well as saving me some money. Because if i like them i won't after go out and purchase some more face products until these are all used up. I am currently on nivea face wash which i love so this as got some serious competition in my eyes. (If you want me to review the products from this range, let me know) And also a little mix single which is completely amazing because it's signed to, i have been a fan of little mix since they were on x factor UK last year. The single as wings on it, the original version and radio version. So on that note i will leave you a youtube vid of there song, in case you have never heard of them.


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  1. This is an awesome win, congrats!!! I nominated you for the Leibster Award :-)


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