Tuesday 16 October 2012

More colours, More wonderland

This is for sure the last post i am going to do on the wonderland polishes with a different colour. In such a short space of time lol. I wanted to show you all how different each wonderland polish looks with various colours and i think have come to the point where i have sort of achieved that. I will how ever be doing more posts on wonderland as a top coat over coloured polishes i have not used in the future, but not be blagging to much about wonderland collection as a whole. Even thought i am totally insanely in love with them. I just want to mention my christmas presents, yes theres that word again christmas its only around the corner halloweens coming up and so is bonfire night. Its insane how past the years gone. Anyways i purchased about 18 models own polishes in the sale on behalf of my boyfriend for me for christmas, i also on top of that got a mirror ball collection off my mum and 30 nail art pens, nail dotting tools and nail art brush set and a few other polishes, i will be reviewing all my new polishes one by one lol. So that is something to look forward too. I won't be doing nail art pens one by one don't worry they will just pop up every now and again on a nail art post when i get into the swing of nail art. My mums let slip on some stuff she makes a great secret santa. Not!!

Here are my nails with wonderland, once again -

This is with flash. For some strange reason on close up it darkens the back of the picture slightly. I can't wait to print my pics off my decent camera at present i am using mobile one. Blag!!

I use No7 betty blues, again. With this colour red by avon, have mentioned this before if you look on my earlier blog posts you will find the name. On my thumb is wonderland southern lights a change to northern lights, it's practically the same texture as northern and needs three coats but is a purple/blue colour. I used one coat for no7 and two for the avon red.

This is what the results were after applying the blingy top coats. (Wonderland) I did apply a clear top coat of models own clear polish that comes in the box set.

It is really annoying when you upload a pic the right way and it ends up this way and i seems to be unable to find away of turning it. Bare with me, sorry guys.
I thought i would be fun to have a different back ground for my fingers and chose characters from The Muppets. Kitchen tissue, classy lol.

This polish is Blizzard i decided to team it with red for a christmas inspired look i think it's perfect for christmas. 

Again red this time with Wonderlands snow flake, also a christmas inspired nail, this as colours of gold and silver. Gold and red are just spot on for the christmas season.


No flash.
No7 betty blues with jack frost from wonderland. This is a perfect as a mermaid look or even for halloween. I love the colour for autumn and have been wearing it a lot recently. 

So that's it for wonderland, for now. What are your thoughts on these pretty polishes? I think it's obvious how much i love them.
To buy wonderland or any other polishes then do so here. Boxsets are also available and work out cheaper, but depends on what colours your into. Happy Shopping.

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  1. Still haven't bought the wonderland collection, trying hard to save money lol, xoxo.

  2. Thinking about it i am really glad i won it, because i would of got it on behalf of my boyfriend for Christmas and its helped save that bit extra especially with Christmas coming up. If you can resist the temptation ask family as a Christmas present. I am unsure where my polish addiction has come from but i don't think i am going to need any for the next twenty years with the amount i am getting for Christmas, but i won't be able to resist temptation if i find a bargain especially with some of the essie polishes etc that have seen in tk maxx dying to get my hands on them, so i can try them. How ever i will resist temptation because i am nice like that and would prefer to get everyone something decent for christmas. I never buy much for myself everything i blog about is samples or something have won haha. But i wouldn't change it for the world unless i win the lottery lol. Since i am getting so many polishes for christmas it will after wait for my birthday, next year. I will drag the boyfriend to tk maxx then :) and my mum and step dad xx

    1. Lol funny you say that because I ordered an essie nail polish today from Ocado, they gave me a voucher so that went on the nail polish lol, xoxo.

    2. Ooh lucky you. You will after do a post when it arrives :) xx

  3. Your nails look great! I love the gold glitter!


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