Monday 29 October 2012

Vaseline Lips

I am such a huge fan of Vaseline Lips, for the last at least five years have had one tin in my handbag at all times, too me this is a beauty must have. I had only ever used the original Vaseline (Blue Tin) until last christmas, when i received not one but two big tins of vaseline each containing four pocket sized tins of vaseline in all different colours. My family know me well. It lasts such a long time, i already had one tin open when i got this which i very kindly gave my sister to use at prom. So i decided on using the Rosy lips (pink tin) for the first time this contains Rose & Almond oils. There isn't much difference in texture between the original and rosy lips has they both contain Petroleum jelly. This can make the lips very slippery but i don't mind because the glossy effect you get is amazing and compares to most glossy lip glosses, as well has it being amazingly fantastic for the lips during winter time. I love the original but i love the rosy pink just as much, on application it contains a lovely tint of pink which gives the lips just a slight tint of colour. I really am looking forward to trying the other two the brown tin contains cocoa butter and the green one Aloe Vera. All which are great little pocket sized lip therapies. There are a few other vaseline lip therapies out that i really need to purchase soon including creme brulee and pink bubbly, which is limited edition. And any other that is out there, that i have missed i would love to try. 

Vaseline is so amazing, i just love it. 
And its amazing value for money, it just lasts forever.
I can't Fault Vaseline, i really do love everything about the lip therapy products.

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