Wednesday 10 October 2012

I Failed

I am such a failure, i managed five days of not painting my nails which is a huge deal to me but last night i just wanted to paint them so bad. I had nothing to do and i am a fellow nail biter. I know so minging right? But when there painted i don't bite them but when there not i find myself nibbling so this is the major reason why i painted them. However i have come to the conclusion from now on i will paint my nails but everytime i do and remove it i am going to have two to three days break. Sorry girls.


  1. Haha, oh well. We're all waiting for more pics from you ;), xoxo.

    1. I really missed painting them. I have re done one hand already due to my amazing freebie i got this morning, which i am going to post in a mintute but on removing i ruined my other hand so it all as to come off haha. Taking advantage of my no polish for five days :) what is that fashion magazine you get again? I have cut down on magazines and only getting new once a week and thought had get a monthly fashion sort of magazine. I was thinking of getting different ones every month to see which i like best. I was thinking glamour next month to start with. xx

    2. Glamour is the most fun and I love their make up and fashion pages, elle magazine is more for the people that are really obsessed with catwalk fashion and the clothes in it are expensive. Marie claire has great beauty news and articles, xoxo. I'm addicted to them, cosmopolitan is similar to glamour too.


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