Monday 15 October 2012

Different Colour With A Splash Of Models Own Wonderland

Has many of you are aware i won the Models Own wonderland collection and what a privilege it was, as a nail polish addict to win the models own wonderland collection and be one of the first in the entire world to own it before it was even released by models own themselves. I after say these are one of my favorite collection of polishes i have ever owned, i love glitter and anything sparkly and this is what the collection is all about. Perfect for the cold season autumn/winter. I wanted to do a few different colours to see what some of the wonderland polishes looked like, i did betty blues from no7, beauty uk pink from the trio of pinks for paint for life and now smokey brown from e.l.f with some twinkle which us also from e.l.f. Here are the results.

No flash

The thumb as got snow flakes on whilst the other finger is northern lights from the wonderland collection. All others are e.l.f smokey brown with a top coat of e.l.f twinkle. So this is what some of wonderland look like with a completely different colour to others. Of course i will try other colours with wonderland collection in the future and experiment more and let you have a sneak peak.

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