Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Revlon - Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Crush

I was super excited about joining the latest on going craze of the Revlon - Just bitten kissable balm stain. I originally planned on getting either cherish or love sick. I decided both would be too bright, but recently love sick caught my eye in the blogging world and it wasn't at all bright or barbie looking has i thought it would be, but cherish unfortunately is. So that is off the list with love sick being my next revlon must have along with some more revlon lip butters. Don't want much do i? And if this purchase has taught me anything it's to stop has the saying goes "Judging a book by it's cover"!! I settled for cherish, after my boyfriend telling me the others looked pretty bright, plus boot's were slightly low on stock when it come too the revlon balm stains so cherish looked like the best next thing. I love the colour it's such a blackberry red/purple and fantastic for autumn. But i get the feeling it maybe the wrong colour for my skin tone, everyone say's i suit it but i get the feeling it's a tad on the dark side. Don't get me wrong, i do like the colour it's growing on me and i will continue to wear it because have bought it now. 


Sorry for the slightly bad picture, of my lips. I cropped it which made it go slightly blurred then it already is. The shade also looks a lot brighter then it does in the picture in person. I over all like the revlon balm stains, there a lovely nice balm which applies smoothly to the lips. It gives the lip's a soft, fuller feel. The balm also has a peppermint smell at first i thought it was quite over powering but it's not noticeable after a while and you get use to it. The fact that at the bottom end it has a twister to get more product is great. Meaning no need for a pencil sharper. I really do want to try some more shades from this range. You can buy various shades for £7.99 each at most beauty retailers. The colour is perfect for autumn/winter.

Ted baker are currently doing a set of four in the 3 for 2 range at boots that are quite similar to most lip balm crayon stains for only £15. These i wouldn't mind checking out to compare or seeing a few other peoples thoughts on them.

Christmas Nail Art 
I got fair excited earlier when i so there was a competition to be run, unfortunately i only so half of what was wrote and didn't read terms and conditions so i spent many hours painting and using no tools except brushes you get in the pots of varnish i selected to find i had to use the companies own brand. LOL. Which was pretty obvious. Anyways i shared it with them, and thought had share with you because i am pretty proud of myself, not being a regular nail art person just a painter and the fact have never really done nail art before. Here goes.

Hehe i am so proud.

I used so many polishes, rimmels green with envy, rimmels new metal rush, lots from wonderland, nails inc. And some cheaper brands for detailing. 

Keeping with the christmas theme because i am a geek 
my christmasy cup from my starbucks from tescos lol.

This was delicious, you after get one.

5 weeks to go.

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