Tuesday 6 November 2012

Clean & Clear - Deep Action Cream Wash

I have decided to dedicate a full post just for this little beauty, the Clean & Clear - Deep Action Cream Wash. I won this about a month ago and this is the second time have had this, the first time i wasn't bothered about beauty products etc, but now have become to love individual products and take notice of what i am buying and how good certain products are compared to others. Thanks to a little thing i like to call blogging and growing up. 

Available to buy at Boots - £3.50 for 150ml

Clean & Clear® Deep Cleansing Cream Wash cleans deep down to effectively remove dirt, oil and impurities without clogging pores.
Contains a special ingredient to help prevent spots and breakouts. The tingling sensation after use tells you your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, leaving it cool, refreshed and really clear.

This is down has one of my favorites along with other Nivea facial cream washes have mentioned on other posts. I love that this cream wash is oil-free, nothing worse then being left with oily skin after having a wash. This thoroughly cleanses the skin making it feel cool, refreshed and clean. I love the tingling sensation and how cool it makes my skin feel afterwards. Another reason why it's one of my favorites is due to the creaminess of the face wash, it just feels so smooth and soft on the skin. It's a wonderful experience to use.

I love my Nivea so much, but this became a fast favorite so i will purchase again in the future. But will after mix and match with the Nivea because i cannot part with Nivea cream wash.

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