Sunday 25 November 2012

Advent Calendar's

The run up to Christmas has began, everyone's counting down the sleep's until Santa arrives, people are starting there Christmas shopping, or finishing it and a lot of people are getting festive and putting there tree up and really getting into the spirit of the festive season. One way of couting down the day's for Christmas is with an advent calendar, i have had a chocolate one every year since my mum started buying them for me, yes i am 21 but your never to old for one, it's just chocolate and christmas is for everyone know matter what your age. Since starting my blog becoming really keen in beauty, fashion and not forgetting my beloved nail polish, i am starting to realise just how extravagant the beauty world is and at this time of year the advent calendar is no exception. I have come across so many brands and i am really interested in these beauty advent calendars. So for them who are lucky enough to buy one, i look forward to your post's and your opinions on each and every products, whether it's skin care or nail polish or a mixture of different beauty products. Me has a mother of two, with a huge family and a boyfriend cannot even think about spending this amount of money on an advent calender especially at this time of year, when it's so expensive. In my eyes had rather spend that money on my family, etc then myself, even though i have looked at them like a zillion times because i really really really want one, my heart tells me go for it, but my head says its spent better else where. So i have decided with the 1st of December fast approaching i have picked out my top ten calenders, some beauty, some chocolate, some mega expensive, some a few pounds. So enjoy.

Ciate Advent Calendar

One of the cheaper beauty advent calendar's on the market at £38.00, Ciate have come up with there very own mini mani month seventeen of there bestselling mini Paint Pots, four mini Caviar blends, and three extremely special exclusive Paint Pot glitter shade’s you’ll not find anywhere else, ever. I personally love the look of this, the box is fun and colourful, i am also a nail polish lover and this is the perfect gift or advent calendar to treat yourself with. It's perfect for them to try out the brand, i haven't tried this brand before and i really want so, if you haven't either this is a perfect way to try out the brand before you buy bigger bottles. This is out of stock in selfridges but it's available to buy at the main website here. Fair gutted i am missing out on this to be honest.

The YOU beauty advent calendar

I think this is fantastic for a Beauty Lover, the YOU advent calendar packed with beauty products from the high street and top end is a perfect treat of awesome goodies that you can try before you buy. The RRP on this calendar is worth well over £210.00 but for you, there going for an incrediable £59.95 plus P&P. Writing this just makes me envy one so much. This is well stocks last to get one click here.

Selfridges very own Advent.
One again full of high end products, as a beauty lover you have to love this. Currently out of stock but to have a better look click here.

Again full of high end products perfect for us beauty lovers.

 (From Top To Bottom)
A mixture of everything from make up to skin care another lover for beauty lovers. (Again out of stock but can look for a better more detailed view - click the link above)
Full of skin care products retails at £100.00

Christmas isn't christmas without a bit of chocie. I know my kids have got one each this year fireman sam and Disney Princess. You can find these in your local supermarket or Thorntons. Lindor Chocolate is my fave chocolate.

So there you have it my top ten advent calenders, will you be indulging in a Beauty Calendar (Not Jel or anything) or will you be settling for a cheaper alternative of a chocolate one or maybe you get to have both. It's no surprise that half of the beauty calendars are out of stock, especially with how amazing they are. What ever you get i look foward to your upcoming christmas posts.

Much Love

 *Images are taken from google*


  1. I think its a great idea! But you know how I'm (trying to save lol), I know I definitely won't be purchasing, I think some of the products would be lying around. Although I think next year the calenders will be better, with more choice and cheaper hopefully lol, xoxo.

  2. That makes two of us. I really do want one but i will after want lol. I think next year i will ask for it to be an early christmas pressie lol. The second ones for a limited time only due to it being something to do with first birthday of the company. However if you look around there is a few competitions going on xx


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