Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Wish List

I have done so many posts in the last two days but it's basically a catch up. Due to having so many new stuff to review. This is my last one for today, i promise. I will be painting my nails tonight, with two new polishes and will swatch them for you in the next few days, when they chip i will redo with another two new polishes and also review them for you. Then i am done and dusted with all the products apart from the she said beauty box from November which i will review on the post i did yesterday bit by bit. Tonight i thought had share with you my wish list, i have never done a wish list before. And it's barely a surprise because i want so much stuff, i am blagging for loads for christmas, beauty products, nail polishes, films etc etc. I don't buy much i want for myself during the year so when it gets to birthdays and christmas the list is endless. This is stuff i would love but it's not on my christmas list, except these from lush, despite my mum already spending almost £50 on goodies from lush for me, i really want these too. I am blagging my boyfriend haha. Hinting anyways. If i don't get them i won't be upset my list is long and have been so spoilt already. (Yes i know what santa is bringing me, tut tut) I feel very fortunate. 
Here is my wish list -

1. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter - Strawberry Shortcake & Berry Smoothie.
I am a converted Lip Butter gal, i just love them. I have used peach parfait everyday since i got it and it's the best lipstick have ever used. It slides on and feels so smooth and silky, quite glossy for a lipstick. Now i need these colours to add to my lip butter collection.

2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Cherish & Lovesick.
I have never used Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain before, but have heard amazing reviews and now i want one for myself, to try out. But me, being me can't choose just one colour, i after have the two. The colours in the Just bitten collection look fairy similar so i decided on these two tones that look completely nothing alike. Now have decided this will be the last thing i will purchase until at least after christmas, so comes the hard part which colour to choose first. 

3. Models Own Polishes.
  •  Bubblegum, 
  • Hayley's Comet,
  •  Emerald Black,
  • Purple Haze, 
  • Sophie's Pink, 
  • Pink Fever, 
  • Cora Reef, 
  • Mystic Mauve, 
  • Thundar and Lightning, 
  • Snow White, 
  • Black Magic, 
  • Pinky Brown.
Yes this is my list for colours i want from Models Own. No i am not an addict, i swear. Okay, maybe a teeny tiny little bit. I went through the entire collection of models own polishes and these are the ones i like the most from there collection, and ones i intend on purchasing one day. My last ones from models own i reckon so i can try others from different companies. I think!! Hard to believe i have this many on a list considering i am getting loads for christmas. 

This many, along with mirrorball collection and wonderland which i won. But i can't promise because i am pretty sure models own with dangle a lovely polish in my face fairly soon. 

4. Twilight shower gel by Lush
I have no idea why i want this, i just do. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact i am a major twilight fan and it just happens this is called twilight. How ever its listed as popular on the website, and the reviews look okay. So i want it. I don't know what it smells like or anything.

5. Star Dust Christmas Box
I have already got two products from this box for christmas, The Magic Wand Bubble Bar & Snow fairy Shower Gel, but you can never have one to many when bath stuffs involved. It goes so quickly. I am mainly drawn to the pink glittery star box these lovely lush products come in then the products themselves. I also love that snow fairy is pink and gittery too. Don't worry i will use the products too lol. 

So there you have it my lovely wish list, is there something you have had your eye on for agesss?? But resisted the temptation. 
I have seen so much more i want, pjs, onesies, clothes but we would be here forever. These are what i have my eye on mainly. It's a girl thing. To many great products on the market.

*Pictures taken from Google.*

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