Monday, 26 November 2012

Kate's Christmas Special

I have spent hour's putting this together for you guys. My very own Christmas Special full of delightful fun stocking fillers or something a little more fancy. These products are what i have had my eye on for the last few months and thought had share them with you and give you an idea of what you may want to purchase has a treat for yourself or a gift to others. I will also give the link at the end of each picture, giving you the chance to browse some more fabulous goodies. Don't worry i haven't asked for even half of this stuff for christmas lol. Just in case you think it's my wish list. It's not. Please click the pictures to enlarge them.

ebay (Nail Stamps)

Around this time of year it can be really difficult to purchase a lot of stuff, but if you look around you can buy the best products at affordable prices so please check out cheap smells & fragrance direct. Always remember it's not what you buy it's always the thought.

 So there you have it some amazing goodies that you may just be tempted to buy for yourself. Sorry hehehe. Remember buying for family is more important lol. I think movies is a huge part of christmas i love nothing more then sitting down at the end of the day and sticking a good christmas film on with a tin of chocolates if i can fit anything more in my belly. Enjoy.

Now had like to leave you with my purchase of the day my lovely snow globe. I am such a lover of snow globes and have several but i didn't have a Christmas one so today i bought from Marks and spencers for only £12 it's amazing, and also musical. It really did get me in the christmas spirit. There are also three other designs available so check them out in store or if your lucky you may find them online too.

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*Images taken from google & Some companies*
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