Wednesday 7 November 2012

2in1 - Nail Polish Review

Last night i painted my nails using two new polishes, Green with envy by Rimmel and Amethyst Glitter By Barry M. Green with envy is the most beautiful green/blue polish i have ever seen, i fell in love with the colour after seeing this beauty on Becky's blog the first time, the second time was just one times to many so there was only one option. To go out and purchase it, but my step dad was nice enough to pay for it at the check out therefore it was a gift and free, yay. More pennies to go towards Christmas presents and one happy boyfriend, ha. Since my love for polish has grown and have become a bit of an addict, i after say Rimmel do the best polish brushes ever. The brushes are thick compared to others, meaning i need to do only three strokes for one coat of polish. I am in love with the Amethyst Polish by Barry M also, but in all honesty i would of liked the brush to be thicker, its very slim compared to the Rimmel one. Amethyst polish is made up of multiple colours all glittery, which i love. There are silvers, purples, pinks, aqua blue and blacks. This glitter is perfect with Green with envy, i originally used this on two nails, how ever i did one to show what it would be like on the one nail. I thought it looked great last night, i was impressed with the application of both, more so the Rimmel but i got into bed and has i explained earlier it all went wrong. I dented a nail twice, then woke up with it being bubbled. This is i think, down to me not letting it dry properly however it did feel dry, but judging by it denting this obviously isn't the case. I also think i layered it to thickly. Me being lazy then went and painted all nails with Amethyst, which was my nail savior cause the mess is all covered. How ever now i think the amethyst polish maybe a tad to much on all nails, but i will stick with it just until it chips then will do my last two new polishes. Here finally are some pictures.

Rimmel - Green With Envy

To buy from boots click here. Only £3.69
This is from the 60 second range, i think it takes more then 60 seconds depending on how thick you lay it.

Barry M - Amethyst Glitter

To buy from boots click here. Only £2.99
Looks so much nicer in person then pictures.

 This is what it looked like in the morning with the bubbles. You can see them very clearly.
 This is after i applied Amethyst Glitter to every nail. May look a bit to much, but its quite nice. I have bought so many Rimmel polishes along the years, so had like to try more Barry M polishes and some Revlon one's.


  1. Green with envy is really nice! xoxo.

    1. Isn't it just. Gutted its covered with glittery polish, it doesn't need it. Its too pretty when its not full of bubbles lol. Glad you enjoy reading my many posts in the last few days lol. I am not doing another for at least a week. Theres plenty to keep everyone tuned xx

  2. Think i like that green with envy on its own best, beautiful :)


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