Monday 5 November 2012

Revlon ColorBurst LipButter

I have been wondering whether to get one of these for so long, well since i started blogging and heard the fantastic raves about them. And now i have took the plunge and bought one. Maybe too little too late, but i couldn't resist the opportunity to blog about it has well. I am not a lipstick person in all honesty, i always wear lip gloss but decided to have a change and i am glad i did because these are awesome. Not the usual lipstick that makes your lips so completely dry, i am guessing it's the fact its a lip butter that helps. The formula is so smooth and slightly glossy, its very sheer on the lips and the coverage of the pigments is fantastic. I decided to once again go for a colour i wouldn't usually go for peach parfait, which is a peachy colour, orange if you will. But not mega orange. I love it. I after blame my friend becky for this purchase because her buys are so amazing, shes a bad influence lol. I should stop looking at her blog haha. I decided to go for this colour after seeing emma stone advertising it, her skin is quite pale like mine and it looks gorgeous on her. To buy click here at boots, only £7.99 or half price depending on if you buy a more expensive product, i bought a foundation yesterday so this came half price.

This is a rubbish pic, it looks nicer and more brighter in person lol. It was taken at night.

 I love it that much i am already figuring out what next colour i would like to purchase. Or maybe i will get something different from the revlon range, something else i have seen on becky's blog. Tut tut hehe. Make that two things.

 *P.s hope you all had an amazing weekend, i know i did. My boyfriend's family came down, lots of films and trashy tv. Nintendo wii at the mothers and a take away, then out yesterday for my mums birthday meal with her surprise birthday cake in the middle of the restaurant, which left her red to say the least. Tonight there is to be 12 of us at my mums for bonfire night, i hope you have lots of fun at your bonfire events. What are you all doing? More reviews coming soon, have so much to do, including a eyeshadow palette, a mascara, eyeliner, three nail polishes and i may buy one i so on beckys blog today, lol. And rest of my products from my she said beauty box. I may buy one of them Revlon Just Bitten™ Kissable Lip Balm Stains soon. But for now, toodles*

This is the peach colour i got.


  1. Replies
    1. There so gorgeous. I can't believe have waited so long to own one xx

  2. Haha sorry Kate, blogging always makes you want to buy things! :) Glad you like the lip butter! They are lovely :) Hope you have fun tonight too xxx

    1. :) its not your fault really lol. Everything you buy is so gorgeous, i want it too. Steve actually said i an buying things just to do my blog, i have bought more since starting my blog. But things i want or wanted for ages, i don't have an obsession except with nail polish have had 5 since thursday and that may go to six today ha. I will have fun. I hope you do to w/e you end up doing xx

  3. Hi! I saw your site on BBU blog hop and liked it so much I followed :) I've been meaning to try these as well, but have been waiting for them to go on sale. This colour is really pretty!

    1. Thank you very much. I am really glad i made the purchase. This is the colour everyones mainly raving about its peach but neutral enough to wear everyday if your not into bright colours. I look forward to adding more colours in the future :) xx


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