Wednesday 7 November 2012

Nail Tips

Last night i did my nails as planned and i was so impressed with the results. I used two new polishes. I am so glad i managed to take pictures straight away becuse my luck in the nail department turned sour after that. I made a dent in my thumb, then woke up with bubbles in it this morning. Arrrggghh this has never happened to me before, ever!! I was trying to think of a number of reasons this happened so took to google to find out and thought had share with you whats come to light. 1. Never apply a coat of polish without the first one drying. (I think this maybe my problem, however i did think it was dry) 2. Do not shake the polish, this can make bubbles occur inside the bottle. Making them occur on the nail, which isn't a good look. To find out more simply ask google. What creates bubbles on nails? I was smitten with the polish, i don't think have ever applied a polish so well. So for this to happen, i am gutted!! The nails i applied glitter to are completely fine. So i am going to be lazy and apply glitter coats to all my nails so you can't see the damage and not remove it until it chips.

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