Wednesday 14 November 2012

Get A Bargain This Christmas

Get a bargain this Christmas, With the offers i found.

Thought had let you in on the fantastic offers with decent polish from the likes of Essie, O.P.I and Orly at cheap smells. From only £1.99 for polishes valued at £9.95 it's such a great bargain. You can treat yourself or maybe get a few stocking fillers for the family. They sell so much more including perfume, etc. Includes free delivery.

There are also some great products available in TK Maxx (In store) at such fantastic value, perfume, smelly stuff but more so nail polishes, next time your near one have peak inside.

There is also a 35% off at MUA (Make up academy) - Bare in mind, the website is down due to high demand, this is a link to the page where all mua is listed, i am unable to get on. Sorry. This is my last purchase for myself for the year when i manage to place my order. Only been trying since dinner time yesterday, lol. 

Fragrance Direct - This is a fantastic online shop full of beauty products they truly amaze me with there prices. Revlon polishes only 99p, how ever delivery is not free. 

Superdrug - Have some great deals on perfume/aftershave at the moment, has well as 3 for 2 on Christmas products and mix and match with make up. Free delivery until 4th of December.  They currently have almost 50% off all fragrances, they have a lacoste challenge twin pack for only £19.50 that's two pressies for less then a tenner each. I took advantage of the deal and bought two twin packs and also had a 30% off code at the time. Baring in mind to buy one lacoste challenge is £26.50. The twin pack is currently on offer at £19.50 saving £5.00. The twin pack is seperated in two different boxes.

Perfume Shop - The perfume shop as some fantastic deals on too. 

Benefit  - Have some great Christmas deals on.

axparis - There is no excuse not too look glam, when axparis have 40% off. There already cheap and there clothes are amazing. Get ready for christmas with some sparkle.

Selfridges - Get a lucky bag for only £15.00 treat yourself with a bag of five beauty products and if your lucky you may get a £150 pampering voucher for The beauty workshop. This is what selfridges say; Just in time for Christmas, The Beauty Workshop at Selfridges launches the much-anticipated Lucky Bag. A lucky dip from the most exciting make-up, hair, skin and body brands, hand-picked within The Beauty Workshop at Selfridges. Each bag includes a minimum of five beauty must-haves, while a very lucky few contain a Beauty Workshop service gift card for the ultimate pampering experience worth £150, making the Lucky Bag the perfect Christmas gift for beauty fanatics.
And of course Boots have there usual 3for2 offer on

*Images taken from Boots & Cheap smells*


  1. Waiting badly for the MUA website to get back. Yesterday I had my items in the basket and checked out but it crashed as soon as I hit the paypal button lol, xoxo.

    1. Was same for me. In cart then bam error. Managed to get on again twice last night then error. Have successfully ordered now, so try again :) xx

    2. Ohhh that's good news, xoxo.

    3. Lol I kinda gave up, superdrug has the palettes I want but I'm still thinking whether I should get them after xmas. I only want them for the weekly make-up looks I do, I think you should join in. Btw I nominated you again lol, xoxo.

    4. 3 for 2 is so tempting though lol, xoxo.

    5. I know thanks. You should take advantage of the offer. I usually make sure my products cost around same, so theres more for my money lol. Free delivery online too. I am glad i ordered on mua slight problem they can't access any orders until sights up. I am going to buy a revlon kissable lip stain with my boots point. And my boyfriend bought me selfridges lucky bag for a stocking filler. They look amazing :) xx oh and the make up faces i am not confideny hate having pics taken lol xx

    6. Ohhh that's a great pressie (the selfridges lucky bag) :). If you ever feel like joining the make-up weekly look, even if its only one look than join. xoxo.

  2. Some look better then others :) i will think about it lol xx


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