Thursday 1 November 2012

Nail Polish Haul.. A Bit of Chit Chat & A Review

Today was a busy day to say the least, shopping, shopping and more shopping. Not just any shopping, christimas shopping. I was completely knackered by the time i got home, carrying the bags round was a right ache, i thought i needed a visit to the spa for a massage it hurt that much lol. How ever it was the Boots christmas event in my home town today, that i was kindly invited to for being a loyal customer and a advantage card holder. It was a lovely event and very packed due to it being half term. There were champagne, mince pies and prize draws. Which me and my mum happily entered. Not to mention £12.00 worth of points for every £50 you spend, which was very generous of Boots. I also purchased the surprise goodies for my competition, remember to enter by clicking here. The winner of my give away, is more then defiantly in for a treat. I am actually jealous, the products are fantastic 3/4 are products i would like to purchase for myself, but haven't yet has well as the Beauty UK paint for life trio polishes on top of that, that's an amazing 5 prizes. So the lucky winner will try the three before even i do. Good Luck x

Nail Polish Haul

For the last couple of years, i have been getting celebrity magazines, not just one but three a week. I couldn't believe how much i was spending, not to mention the magazines had the same sort of celeb stories in, the difference were the real life stories. So i cut down to one celeb magazine a week and decided i would get a monthly fashion magazine too. My choice of first magazine for my first month was Glamour the fact that i then found out they were to be a lovely freebie of Nail inc polish was a bonus, being the polish addict i am and the fact have never tried Nail inc before. So i am super duper excited. They are four colours available a pale pink, a bluey black (more black) a red called st james and a gold glitter called glamour glitter. The magazine is only £2 and the nail polish is worth £11 each, so if you wanted all four colours it would only cost you £8 when really it would be £44 giving you a saving of £36. Bargain if you ask me. How ever i decided ages ago i would only get two of the four colours available. I have a betty blues in No7 Which is very similar to the bluey/black available and already have a pale pink available too. So with christmas coming up i decided on the gorgeous st james red and the glamour glitter to add that touch of gold sparkle. Perfect for christmas.

I also bought two other polishes, Rimmel Metal Rush in Purple Reign which was £3.99 this is brand new and i am excited to try it, i also bought a Barry M Nail Paint in Ruby Glitter this was £2.99 which is also new, but Boots have a buy 1 make up product get second half price so the Barry M polish was half price and the one i decided to review for you lovely people today.

Natural Light

Camera Light

I really love the new Barry M Nail Paint, this has black splodges that are like a paint flicking effect on your nail, it looks like you have spilt bits of ink all over the nail but its a really nice effect and looks better in person then in photos. This also has big shiny sequins in. I think it looks fab. I used beauty uk paint for life trio polish which i describe as a barbie pink. The formula is really nice has well, very thin and smooth and so easy to apply. I used three coats but you can get away with just the two. I also used models own 3in1 clear polish as a base coat and top coat.

My beautiful Nail Polishes altogether.
Reviews coming to for the other three soon.

*Hope you all have a nice weekend, remember to enter my competition by clicking here. UK only. My boyfriends family are coming to our house, to stay for the weekend, they live three hours away. It's also my mum's birthday saturday she is 39, almost 40 but to be fair it is the new 20. And we are going for a meal sunday. So busy, busy, busy. Won't be blogging until monday the earliest unless i find free time. Thank you for being patient*


  1. Looks like you got some pretty colours there!

    Sita & Radha xx

    1. Thank you. They are really pretty. The Barry M is gorgeous. I expected the polish to be black with hints of pink sequins but its actually clear has the picture shows. I look foward to reviewing the others when i have tried them xx

  2. Barry M's Ruby Glitter is amazing, I love the nail paints but havent tried this one- I've just put a reminder in my phone to have a look for it when I'm next in town lol :) I need to start getting in on these magazine freebies, Benefit last month and now Nails Inc, bargain! x

    1. It's such a pretty polish. I can't recommend it enough. Boots are having buy one get second half price on all make up products at the moment. And superdrug are also doing a 3for2 on all make up products which you can mix and match. This my first magazine with a freebie, apart from when i was a kid and were into the likes of shout magazine and girl talk lol. I am very impressed. And gives you a opportunity to try something new or re stock or even just a different colour. You should get in on it :) I will check out your page. I am also doing a giveaway so feel free to enter. :) xx


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