Tuesday 5 May 2015

NYC Diaries | Day 6 - Taking Things at a Leisurely Pace

Today is my last day, with not much to do we decided to take it at a leisurely pace. We started with a walk down the Hudson River and walked through Central Park, again. We didn't see anything we hadn't seen before, but I decided it was a good time to take some more photo's of the scenery surrounding us.  We also saw the helicopters that took people on tours. It was a beautiful day, which made the last few hours perfect for enjoying the sun before our long ride home.

 Our cab picked us up just after 2. Our flight was delayed by an hour and we didn't get on the plane until 8.40pm. They then announced they were some technical difficulties and then started repairing the plane whilst we were sat on it. The flight was pleasant and quick once we'd taken off and I arrived at home, my house, just after 11am. 
I had the most amazing trip and definitely recommend The Row NYC hotel. It's near to all the main shops and within walking distance of all the main attractions too. If you're going to be exploring and doing the typical touristy things than I recommend you pick up the city pass, this will save you so much money in the long run. This trip wouldn't of been possible without help from various family members and I can't thank them enough. I've missed it so much since being back and if it was possible I'd move there tomorrow.

 On Wednesday I will be putting up a NYC Haul post. This will have a few bits and pieces I bought for myself and everything I bought for my family members and kiddies... typical NYC gifts. I hope you enjoyed my New York diaries and I'll be back soon with some review posts.You can check out day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5 too.

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Just to inform you that I have been back from New York since the end of April and had such an amazing time. Before going I thought it would be quite fun to write a day by day diaries post. I wrote all these the day after I got back and had everything memorised to a T. 


  1. Excellent. Reading it brought back great memories. Neil x

  2. Thanks for sharing, feels like I've been taken to NYC and back!!


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