Thursday 30 April 2015

NYC Diaries | Day 2 - What New York is All About!!!

It's Day 2 and I'm out of bed bright and early (that's jet lag sinking in and my Dad's snoring - sorry if you're reading this. Haha). My cousin and Uncle came along on this trip and we're meeting them for breakfast bright and early. My dad's found a popular cafe on Google called Evergreen Restaurant with rave reviews. The menu is full of all sorts of yummy things, including ice cream, and even though this isn't my idea of breakfast Greek yogurt, granola and fruit salad is. After this hearty breakfast we're on our way to the Empire State Building.

We walked down Fifth Avenue and past the Library on the way. It was very picturesque and for second I have to pinch myself and remind myself that I'm here, in New York, and not on a film set. It was all very surreal. 

 It was a little hazy taking photo's of the New York city Skyline, especially towards the Freedom Tower, but it was a beautiful day, a little windy and my dress didn't want to stay down which made photograph taking a bit of a nightmare. But, lets take a moment to appreciate the views.

 Down on the ground the wind had died down, the sunshine was out in full glory and we were on our way to the 9/11 memorial, but not before a quick snap of the flat iron building and a walk along Brooklyn bridge.

 We then visited A cafe called Essex World Cafe and had flat bread sandwiches and chips. This is situated near the 9/11 memorial and happened to be the last thing I ate for the day.

 The freedom tower aka the World Trade Center 1 is so tall and impossible to snap all of it. The memorial is just perfect to remember those who lost their lives in the tragedy that unfolded in this same place 14 years ago. There's 2 memorial fountains, each in the foundations of where the twin towers stood and marked round them are the names of everyone who died. Right in the middle is the 9/11 museum and inside are the wreckage's of various fire trucks, police cars and even some of the frame work from one of the twin towers. This is under the memorial waterfalls and the foundations of the twin towers, which can be seen inside. It's a story, I'm sure, none of us will ever forget, and it really makes you think about life viewing all of the bits and pieces and even the memorial. One glass window pane survived the disaster of 9/11 from the twin towers and comes with it's own unique story and was only put in the museum last month. Well worth a visit and a place to reflect and mark your respect. They are still rebuilding the surroundings of 9/11. You can tell a lot of process and thoughts been put into the design.

 This, apparently, is a famous music hall. My dad says it's very big, but me nor my uncle or cousin had ever heard of it. I snapped away so I can say I did once go there.

We took another trip to Grand Central station. My uncle and cousin had yet to see it and I was so glad because it gave me an opportunity to take some better photo's inside.

We did a little shopping in the gift shop of the Empire State Building and I managed to get all my gifts for everyone - Crazy, right?! On the second day of my holiday. We experienced the New York city tube, which wasn't as crazy as I expected it to be.

New York City Diaries day 3 will be up tomorrow. If you missed it day 1, day 3, day 4, day 5 and day 6 too


  1. I love NYC such an amazing city, the world trade tower wasn't built when I was there amazing building

    1. Hopefully you'll get to go and visit again one day xx

  2. All I can say it..I AM SO DAMN JEALOUS. Also I hope you're having a wonderful time lovely! Holly :) x

    1. I've actually already been and come back. I just thought it would be quite nice to do a diaries type post as if I was still there. I did have a good time though, thank you xx

  3. Wondering how NYC tube compares with London Underground....


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