Monday, 20 April 2015

New York Beauty & Extra's

 I think I've told anyone that will listen that I'll soon be in New York. Not in an exaggerating way, but I'm so blooming excited I can't contain myself and I'm feeling fit to burst... eck! The fact my dream will soon become a reality is crazy! I shall be doing a New York day by day Diaries when I get back but I thought it would be nice to start that little series off with a beauty post of what I'll be bringing on my travels.

So, I want to keep my look quite minimal and light with lots of nudes, lashings of mascara and a bold, statement lip or something on the light side. I think nude shades and pale pinks are a perfect mix for Spring and keeping makeup looking nice and fresh. Naked 3 is a gorgeous mixture of pale pinks, nudes and a few shades for the perfect smokey-eye. For me, personally, this is the perfect palette to take on weekends or holidays away to create the most stunning day to night looks.

 I'm packing light-ish and only bringing a selected few lip products, 1 bronze/highlighter and a blush. I'm loving the Hot Mama blush from the Balm and the Korres lip butter in Rose right now. 

 And the rather boring bits of hair care, skincare and a whole bag of goodies. I pack loads of little mini's be that perfume samples, little shampoos and even sachets. Though most hotels stock the basics I like to take my own too. I'm also really loving the Witch Naturally Clear Facial Wash, which, I recently re-bought. I've also got the basics of paracetamol, toothpaste, plasters, wipes, etc, coming with me.

 Lastly, entertainment... I've had The Maze Runner off of my book shelf for so long and just haven't had the chance to read it yet, the long plane journey is the perfect opportunity to read and possibly finish it before starting the second in the series. I'd usually buy a few magazines but I've managed to build up quite a pile of Glamour magazines in recent months and thought I'd save a few pounds and pop them in my handbag. And a notebook for my New York Diaries is a must - I need to remember my day by day plans.

This post is a little different but I hope you enjoyed it!

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 I'm going to be taking a small break over the next week and will be back fully on the 27th . I will be providing my blog with new content however, and will be popping in and out of here and social media. Comments will be answered as soon as I find the time. I hope you have a great week. Feel free to keep up to date with me on Twitter and Instagram at @ABritishSparkle.
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