Thursday 2 April 2015

Why is there so much HATE in the world?

Recently I had a conversation and what they said kind of stuck with me, so much so I decided to write it in a post. All I've thought about all day is why there is so much Hate in the world? Why people think it's acceptable to hate on other people; whether it's their religion, skin colour, body size, personality, looks, anything really. We are all guilty of it, even me. Not necessarily hating on other people, but hating yourself, picking out the flaws and thinking endlessly about why you can't look like someone else, why you can't snip a bit of your body here or shrink your nose, etc. People, myself included, spend much of their life nit picking at what they could look like instead of just loving themselves and sometimes, that comes down to hate and bullying can also come into it. So ask yourself, if you have called someone a name, how would you feel if you were the victim of name calling or shaming someone of what they look like? 

Ask yourself why you are calling someone because of what they believe in. We are one. We should reunite as one. Not everyone is the same, and if we were the world would be a pretty boring place. Let me tell you, there's good and bad in everyone, blimey I'm no saint and made plenty of mistakes, but there is more bad in some people than others. I'll never understand why people from different religions and cultures think we are all different because of the colour of our skin, we aren't different, we all have 2 eyes, 1 nose and the list goes on. We are the same! We are one! So, accept people for who they are, whether that's there sexuality, religion, culture, skin colour, looks, the size of their bodies, that person as a whole. 

A huge example of hating someone comes in the form of Zayn from 1D, like seriously, he left his job (One Direction) and decided to potentially embark on a solo career and every media platform goes into meltdown. People leave jobs everyday, the band wasn't going to stay together forever and the majority will leave and go on to have successful careers in various other projects. It's not the end of the world! Yes, he said he wanted to live a normal life, but people are entitled to change their minds and Zayn will struggle to live a 'normal life' after being in, probably, the biggest boy band in the world.  

I hope one day people all over the world, in every religion, are accepted for being just them and aren't scared to be who they truly are. People shouldn't be punished brutally, bullied or name called for just being who they are. That we are able to unite and help others that need it whilst doing so in peace. That everyone can just get on. I hope this post makes you think twice and we all stop hating on one another and ourselves.


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  2. I feel that social media has given some people the platform to make vile, offensive comments without the immediate responsibility of owning what they say, everything is so throwaway, not that I think hate is only there because of this, it's simply more in your face and instant.

    Personally I stay away from celebrity culture as, to be honest, a lot of areas of that industry does wind me up something rotten, it just isn't my thing, but I don't think these "celebrities" should be monitored, tracked and hounded 24/7, I also don't think they should be paid as much as they are but that's a different topic.

    I think sometimes people lash out at others rather than facing their own issues, sometimes it's much easier to make someone else feel miserable than to make yourself feel happy. It would be nice to live in a world of support, sister and brotherhood, an inclusive world where nobody is excluded and everyone can be who they are. An idyllic world, yes? but beyond the realms of possibility? no. I remember how insecure I was a teenager and the problems it led to and I just wish I could go back and give myself the confidence I have now.

    Sharon xx
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  3. Totally agree with everything you're saying. It upsets me how much hate in the world, and also how people make the decision to hate over love. I wish everyone had the mindset of treating everyone with respect. x


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