Friday 1 May 2015

NYC Diaries | Day 3 - Love, Hope & Central Park

Day 3 and I'm up bright and early, again - not that it's a bad thing. Our New York days are pretty jam packed and we're following a schedule, almost, of places to visit. We found ourselves on our way to Evergreen, again, and I've ordered banana with choc chip pancakes. The pancakes are extra thick in America, and despite having no tea last night and having only 3 pancakes on my plate I try and fail to eat it all up. We've decided to visit The Natural History Museum today which passes by the Love and Hope sculptures. 

 Not sure why, but that man in the left hand corner reminds me of an 'off looking' Jamie Dornan lol. I think it's the hair and the suit.

Central Park is situated right next to the museum so, we popped in and visited the John Lennon' memorial tribute.

Was a total fan girl walking round The Natural History Museum. I'm a huge fan of Night at the Museum and seeing a couple of those history pieces that are in the film was amazing.

 'Dumb dumb you give me gum gum' 

 We then took a trip to Central Park. It's the biggest park I've ever seen with numerous hidden gems to see and explore. Alice in Wonderland was a personal favourite. The park is just beautiful and I got loads of stunning shots of the place.

 These famous stairs have been seen in many films including Home Alone.

We ended the day with Hard Rock cafe. A light shower happened whist we were inside and ended before we walked back to the hotel along Broadway. 

 Enjoying my NYC Diaries? Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 4. You can catch day 1, day 2 , day 4, day 5 and day 6 too. Enjoy x


  1. You look like you're having an amazing time!

  2. Looks amazing, especially the food!

    love if you could check out my new post:

    1. The food was so good. After eating out 6 days straight I was more than happy to receive an home cooked meal :) x

  3. When I was in NYC December 2010 with my friend, we saw a guy propose at the LOVE sculpture :-) Was amazing.

    you look like you're having a great time, have you been to Ellens Stardust Diner?

    1. That is just the cutest... We saw someone get proposed to on Brooklyn Bridge. I haven't. I'm actually home and have been for over a week, I just thought the day by day diaries was a cute idea :) x

  4. "an 'off looking' Jamie Dornan"... haha!
    Said it before but loving these travel posts! xox

    1. That made me giggle.. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this man. I'm just saying he's got a slight look of Jamie Dornan. The 'off looking' bit isn't suppose to be offensive, just that he's got features that don't resemble Jamie's. Not sure why I'm being so defensive haha.. just in case he ever comes across this post! xx


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