Wednesday 20 May 2015

Lifestyle | 1940's Weekend at Haworth

 Every year Haworth part-takes in a 1940's event. This is usually around the VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). If you're unsure what VE Day is then it marks another year since the end of the second world war 2 in Europe and this year marked 70 years. I've been about 4 times to the event in Haworth and it's bigger and better than I ever remember it to be. It seems to have now extended into the park and there's loads of 1940's inspired stalls, lots of food and even gun fires now. Despite loads of people being there it was such an enjoyable event with lots to do and a really great atmosphere. I love how people go all out and really make an effort to celebrate the 1940's with outfits, makeup and hair - even the shop owners got involved. For a couple of hours it really feels like you've stepped back in a time machine, it's so different to now. Bands playing music and couples dancing in the street, a time I'm sure I'd of loved to of been apart of. I believe these events are scattered out all over the country, but please, don't quote me on that. They were people, here, from all over the country. 

 The 1940's event is mainly based on the main cobbled street of Haworth and off into the big park. It's filled with cute little shops, a bakery, pubs, cafes and a sweet shop (a personal favourite).

 Fresh doughnuts and Belgium chocolate shortbread were to die for from this place. Just look at that candy floss staring at me... I should of bought some!

 People went all out with the 1940's vibe. Couples dancing in the band stand was an highlight... why does nobody do this anymore? Too cute!

 They were even people serving tea and cakes at the train station. And in true 1940's style it was a classic steam engine train. I had such a lovely couple of hours and may even go back next year.

Sorry for the quality of photos. It was hard capturing the event with 2 children and all the craziness going on.


  1. This looks like such a nice day out, lovely post x

  2. this is amazing! would have loved to come


    Inspirations Have I None

  3. wow ! I would have love to see this ! what a great event and thanks for sharing it with us. teh 40 s and 50 s are my fav !! :)

  4. Great pics and it looks so fun. xx



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