Friday, 8 May 2015

Makeup Revolution - Iconic Pro Lipsticks

I was beyond excited when I saw Makeup Revolution were releasing new lipsticks to add to their Iconic Pro range. I'm a huge fan of their Iconic Pro palettes and own both. The packaging is very similar to the Iconic Pro 1 palette with the lipstick coming presented in a matte box. Yes, it's prone to dirty marks, but it looks much more expensive than it's teeny £2.49 price tag. The lipsticks come in a shiny black bullet with rose gold detailing and on the bottom is the colour of the lipstick inside. There's 20 shades available in the collection with some similar shades in a matte or creamy finish.

I'm really impressed by the Iconic Pro lipsticks, they have a fabulous pigmentation and the creamy texture allows the lipstick to apply like a dream. I particularly love Propoganda Matte lipstick; non-drying, rich yet light - and I found it didn't cling in dry places, which meant I didn't need to use a lip balm before hand. Nude lipsticks don't tend to agree with my pale skin tone and I find you are beautiful makes me look a little washed out, like the bottom half of my facial area is looking for a pop of colour. All the other shades are absolutely stunning, but I'd be lying if I didn't say Liberty was a little outside my comfort zone. Somewhere out there will look amazing in the Summer months with a tan and definitely an holiday must-have.

The Iconic Pro Lipsticks are available to purchase now!

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