Saturday 23 May 2015

The Perfect Palette: Affirmation By Makeup Revolution

 Let's all appreciate just how beautiful this palette is for a moment. When Makeup Revolution released the press release photo's for the Affirmation palette I quickly fell in love. If I could choose the shades to make the perfect palette Affirmation is exactly what it would look like. Inside are 32 eyeshadow shades - A mix of mattes and shimmers; there's nudes, silvers, golds, bronzes, coppers, rose golds, pink tones, purples, blacks and more.

Inside is a great sized mirror that we've come to expect from most Makeup Revolution palettes. It's quite compact and not at all bulky (great for traveling purposes). The Affirmation palette comes sponge applicator free - this isn't a problem for me having a nice selection of makeup brushes, if you don't have your own and are quite new to makeup I can't recommend the collection from Makeup Revolution enough.

 Top Row - L-R; Pledge, Forward, Affirmation, Morale, Approve, Hope, Advance and Truth.

 Second Row - L - R; Positive, Vouch, Accept, Time, Reliance, Confidence, Blaze and Light.

 Third Row - L - R; Vow, Reveal, Oath, Rely, Consent, Willing, Vouch and Promise.

 Bottom Row - L-R; Announce, Convey, Assure, Disclose, State, Insist, Bold and Declare. 

I found a couple of the lighter shades needed to be built up to achieve a great pigmentation, saying that, the rather light shimmery shades would make great highlighters for the inner corner of the eye and brow bone. I was really impressed with the medium to dark shades regarding colour payoff and found they applied really well and were easy to blend. I don't believe the names are very fitting to the shades but have a more personal touch, and I like it, it works well and just adds a little something extra. I absolutely adore this palette and I can see myself getting so much use out of this. There's not a shade I wouldn't wear from Affirmation. This palette is available to purchase, online, now, and costs just £8.

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  1. Looks lovely, the third row is really pretty!

    Georgia xx

    1. It's my favourite palette right now. The shades are so pretty xx

  2. Wow this looks like a totally versatile palette for us beauty peeps. :)
    I am kind of tempted to get this or even buy it as a prize for a giveaway.
    Some of the shades look like they are from the Naked Palette from Urban decay. :)

    Do you think it's a good option for a giveaway?


    1. It's so versatile. I love it! You should definitely get it! I think a lot of people would be happy to see this in a prize giveaway.

      A great option :)


  3. It's such a nice palette for an everyday use or for a beginner in the beauty world ;)
    If you'd like you could check out my new blog arabesque - I'd be honored ;)

  4. The price for such a nice palette is amazing! This is defo on my wish list!
    -- // x

  5. Love the look of this, especially the shimmer shades. £8 is an absolutely amazing price!
    Kirsty x



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