Sunday 31 May 2015

Fashion Savvy: Updating Your Childs Wardrobe For Less Than A £100 - SS/15 Edition & Haul

 I like to think of myself as a savvy spender. I like to have the best things at the greatest price and in doing so I shop around and look for the best deal (usually, buying there and then is a big no no for me - unless I'm on a shopping spree of course or at the supermarket). I find shopping online is where I find my best deals, and it's much easier to compare prices online. This can be anything; toys, clothes, dvd's or even books - absolutely anything. And why not? I mean you compare prices for your car insurance, energy bills, so why not compare everything and save a little. My daughter seems to have shot up in the last couple of months and in doing so all her clothes have gotten to small. She towers over those in reception at my sons school, despite only being 3 and not starting school until next year. So, with this in mind, I set myself the challenge of updating her wardrobe as cheaply as possible. I didn't want to go crazy - she's growing at an incredible rate (please slow down) - and these clothes will be on an outgrown pile before we know it.

Debenhams have some really great offers on at the moment with up to 70% off dresses and 20% off kids clothing. This dress is now only available in ages 9 and 11, but they have a great selection of others to choose from - J by Jasper Conran navy shoe printed dress

I found this in the clearance section at my local Tesco store.

Another purchase from Debenhams... This is from the Bluezoo range and the prices are fantastic. I can imagine my little one wearing this over her costume at the beach.

Floral Print Twill Trousers - F&F Kids at Tesco. Unfortunately, due to these being in the clearance section, there no longer available online, you can, however, check your local Tesco's clearance section for stock.

Floral Harem Trousers - F&F Kids at Tesco. Again, these are no longer available online, but you can check your local store to see if there on the clearance rack - I saw plenty of these in my local store just the other day.

Floral Ra-Ra Skirts - George at Asda - 2 pack. Prices start from £4.

Red and spotty shorts (2 pack) - F&F Kids at Tesco. These were on offer and aren't on the website, so I imagine the store was trying to get rid of the few pair that were in - I advise you check your local store for stock. 

Hoody - George at Asda. Unavailable online, but plenty in Asda/George stores.

Skinny Jeans & Jeggings. May seem like a bizarre choice of clothing since Summer is hitting us, but here, in the UK, we don't get much of a Summer, so these are for cold days.

Unavailable online - check store, Floral Leggings, Floral Leggings - George at Asda.

I didn't go out with a budget in mind, but I knew I didn't want to spent loads on clothes she'll only be in 2 minutes - and they may not last until next year, despite being in 4-5 years. I think I did quite well in getting all this for under a £100. George and F&F are 2 of my favourite places to shop for clothes for the kids. There very reasonably priced, the quality is fantastic and the price guarantee is really good (especially at George). I just love the print on all the clothing.

Saving Tips
  1. If you're shopping online never purchase from the first place you look at. It's so easy to open a page, look at numerous stores and compare prices. 
  2. Always press click and collect if you can. Almost all stores offer this service and the best part, it's free. 
  3. If you're unable to click and collect add the additional delivery to your order - than you know you're getting the best deal. Sometimes adding a delivery fee can result in you spending more than else where (unless you spent the amount that entitles free delivery).
  4. Sign up to newsletters. It's surprising just how many offers I get through a day; percentages off, money off, free delivery... stores will offer you all sorts to get your custom. 
  5. Always check the clearance section (in store and online) - you'll be surprised at the great stuff you can find there, at bargain prices, especially when seasons are ending.
I hope you enjoyed today's post. A little different to what I'd usually do, but hopefully it gives you some Summer inspiration to update your child's wardrobe or send you bargain hunting. Remember Debenhams currently have 20% off kids clothing. Tesco have 20% off all Holiday clothes and double your clubcard vouchers at F&F. Happy Shopping x

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  1. Amazing outfits.. They really looks good. I love buying costumes like this at Debenhams.. I always use Debenhams Discount Code


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