Wednesday, 6 May 2015

New York - Gift Shop Galore

 When I go on my holiday I always pick up a little memento of that time. I believe a photo tells a thousand words and is what, in some cases, keep memories a live. But it's always nice to mark the occasion with a souvenir. Whether that be a magnet or keyring. I love going away with my family... When I say family I mean the entire lot of us, Mum, Step-dad and Brother included. This time it was me, my Dad, Uncle and cousin and that meant bringing a whole bunch of goodies back for everyone else.

 I believe my New York theme was very much set and my goodies were marked left, right and centre with I Heart New York or just New York in general. Buying a New York water globe was my main aim and I found these 2 in the Empire State Building gift shop. I love water globes and own several. I'm also a huge lover of Reese's peanut butter chocolate from Hershey's and stocked up on my favourites. The spread was a bonus and even though I love it I do prefer Nutella. After going a little OTT on the gift shops suitcase room was limited and I only managed to purchase a couple of bits from the Dash Store (owned by the Kardashians) and a few bits from Sephora.

If you missed by New York Diaries then all 6 days are up now!

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