Friday 20 June 2014

I ♥ Makeup | By Makeup Revolution

 Makeup Revolution only launched less then three months ago and they've already taken the beauty world by storm with their incredibly priced products, of a great quality that you see in higher end products. Medichem have impressed me with Makeup Revolution and have now introduced their sister brand I Makeup. I ♥ Makeup definitely appeals to the inner makeup geek and anyone who is completely obsessed and up to their eyes in makeup, is a makeup geek in my eyes. I really love Makeup Revolution, but the team have gone all out in terms of packaging with I ♥ Makeup, and really put the fun into makeup. 

Here are a selection of just some of the lipsticks available from I ♥ Makeup. I ♥ My Lips retail for £2.49 each and available in six shades.

More lipsticks and this time it's Lip Geek, these cost £2.99 each and are available in 24 shades.

 I ♥ Makeup put the WOW in the packaging of Wow! Gloss these are £2.49 each and come in 10 shades. I've seen swatches of these and they look pretty good. All lip products can be purchased here.

I'm loving this packaging, easy to find, attracts the eye, pretty to look at - check, check, check! Blushing  Hearts are just £4.99 each and available in 3 shades.

♫ I WANT CANDY ♪ (If you've watched Hop! a zillion times you'd understand my need for musical notes). Moving on, these are a few of the I want candy shades that retail at £2.99 each and with 8 shades available there's a shade to suit everyone.

Summer of Love are both bronzers, whilst the Goddess of Love is an highlighter. There both cost £4.99 and available in 2 bronze shades and 1 highlighter. All face products can be purchased here.

I ♥ Makeup Slogan Palette - There's four palettes available in the collection and me being the palette girl I am can't think of anything better then these newbies. No Photos and #Selfie both come with a free mini primer and if that wasn't any better, there just £4.99 each. The bigger palettes Makeup Geek and Explicit Content are £7.99 each and come with an impressive 36 eye shadows. #Selfie and Explicit Advisory are very much my cup of tea. Buy them here.

I ♥ Makeup Wonder Palettes are available in two different designs, and one's perfect for any chocoholic (ME). Death by Chocolate, and I Heart Chocolate both come with mix of mattes and shimmers and retail for £7.99 each. Both contain 16 shades. 

I Heart Passion is very dark and smokey eyed (I ♥) whilst, I Heart Sin is more bolder in colour and fun. These also retail for £7.99 and contain 16 shades. You can purchase all four here.

 Must say, high five to Medichem. I'm impressed with the look of I ♥ Makeup, especially the fun packaging and if the quality is anything like Makeup Revolution, they're definitely on to a winner in their sister brand.

These images were part of a press release sent to me.


  1. So many gorgeous make up! I love the look of the heart shaped blush, such cute packaging!! x

    1. I love the packaging, it's so fun and girly. I don't see many affordable brands on the high street with such stand out packaging x

  2. OMG!!! I am totally in love with this!!! Not sure if this brand is available here in the US, but I am going to do my research. Thank you so much for this post♥

    Lakshmi in Trance

    1. You're more then welcome. I ♡ Makeup are part of the Makeup Revolution brand, MR deliver worldwide and you can order I ♡ Makeup off the MR site so I'm guessing they will deliver to America :) X

  3. I'm amassing quite a list of products to buy once my spending ban is over - some of these will def be added to it! xx

    1. It'll be getting out of control with all these new releases but after the spending ban you very much deserve it :) x

  4. Love the Blushing Hearts baked blushes. The packaging is adorable. :] // ☼

  5. I want to try their I <3 candy blushers. I've had my eye on the brand for a while but haven't been near a Superdrug. I'm not fan of choosing shades online as I make horrible mistakes.

    I'm out shopping on Wednesday so I will treat myself. It's rude not to at that price!


  6. I'm not sure they're out at Superdrug yet, I know MR isn't even at mine but their at some hopefully over the next few weeks we'll see more swatches of their products :) xx


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