Saturday 28 June 2014

Makeup Revolution | Flawless Palette

I'm here again talking about budget beauty brand Makeup Revolution, and if you haven't heard of them where have you been? Their the newstest brand on the block that have taken the beauty world by storm and launched a sister brand I ♥ Makeup, after just three months!

Yesterday MR launched another two palettes - yes, this brand are super brand - there's Eyes Like Angels and flawless, which is what I got. If you didn't think MR palettes could get any better, these have an impressive 32 shades in. There's a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, great for taking a look from day to night. Flawless is mainly fully of gorgeous nudes, and looking at the palettes has a whole reminds me of Autumn.


Both top row (first no flash, bottom flash)
L-R; Paper, soft glow, buff, highlite, angel, unlimited, brew, and silver smoke.

Second row. L-R; Almost there, uncover, barely pink, lowlite, golden night, gold digger, cheerless and blue stars.

Third row. L-R; Smudge, shimmer heart, universal, copper shimmer, medal, darkest shimmer, tarnish and black tie.

Bottom row. L-R; Pure chocolate, raw, red night, Milton chocolate, burgandy nights, green stars, cafe noir and night.

Not the best swatches ever due to bad lighting, but I've noted new swatches for review post.

Palette doesn't come with applicator and retail for £8.00 each here.

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PR sample sent for review purposes.


  1. this looks really pretty, i'm seriously loving makeup revolution! think i might have to invest, :)

    1. They have incredible Makeup, their new releases are amazing. And when you think they've done it all, they surprise you again x

  2. This palette looks amazing! Great colours and your swatches are fab!

    I really want to try something from Makeup Revolution but just can't afford any makeup products right now :(

    Laura x |

    1. Thank you for saying so Laura, I was feeling paranoid to whether they were good enough or not but I know people like to see swatch posts before purchasing. I'll be doing a new set of swatches when I review.

      I have a list the size of my arm top, hope you're able to treat yourself soon! Xx

  3. What a pretty palette - love the colours!

  4. Reminds me very much of MUA and Urban Decay palettes, xoxo.

    1. I'm not sure which UD palette you think it looks like, or is it just the shades? xx

  5. I can't believe I still haven't tried any products from Makeup Revolution yet, but the palette you have there seem to have every neutral shade you'd need!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.


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