Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tanya Burr Polish | Midnight Sparkles

Tanya Burr is probably one of the bigger Youtube blogger/vloggers and if you're a blogger yourself, there's probably no doubt you've heard of her. Recently, well a good few months back Tanya released a much anticipated line of nail polish and lip glosses. I'm yet to try the lip glosses but I've heard great things and they do look really great, but, being the nail polish fanatic I am I was instantly drawn to the nail polish line and especially so since seeing a gorgeous shade over on Makeup Savvy blog. I, also having a love for all things glittery and sparkly didn't need much thought in choosing a shade when my eye caught the name of Midnight Sparkles.

Midnight sparkles is a gorgeous purple with the loveliest shimmer, I'd actually say this was a purple/black as the purple and shimmer is only noticeable in certain lights, but when it's hit by that perfect light it's so beautiful. I was a little unsure on whether I was going to love these or not - I judge far to quickly - and was feeling slightly underwhelmed on the first coat, but once that second coat was applied I was met by the most perfect creamy polish, that was completely opaque and almost gelly in finish, and once the top coat was added the shine was very noticeable. I loved the application process and the brush was perfect, giving me a really clean, professional finish (or maybe that's my improvement on applying polish). I really want to add more shades to my one.

These can be bought at Superdrug and Feelunique for £5.99 each.

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