Monday 2 June 2014

It's official....

  After a lot of stress, tears and tantrums and four days since purchasing I'm officially A British Sparkle. I started this blog almost two years ago (1st of July) and what better way to celebrate then with my own custom domain. When I first started A British Sparkle, this blog was known by another name Sparkle Dust and whilst my blog grew and developed so did my need for a new name - beauty UK was also in the title and there's so much more to my blog then just beauty. Over the last few few weeks I've been messing about with my blog and redesigning it a little, I made a new header and changed the layout, etc. I really hope you all like it? 

Though my blog, developing with readers as always and still is quite a slow process, I never imagined that I'd even reach the number of followers I have across various platforms and I just wanted to inform people how ever so grateful I am. Even though my grammar and punctuation completely sucks at times, those who read my posts and put up with it are amazing. I still to this day love blogging, meeting new people, writing these posts, reading others thoughts and generally having a good old chat, plus some of the experiences I've managed to have through blogging alone have been fantastic. 

Last of all I want to thank the company tsohost who I bought my custom domain off for their excellent customer service, without their help I wouldn't of been able to get my domain working and they battled all day to sort it out. I definitely recommend these for your domain, that and the fact with other domain companies they publish your personal address, etc online and with tsohost you can opt out for no charge with url ending with .uk.

You can find me at

Twitter @ABritishSparkle


  1. Very smart and professional looking Kate, xoxo.

    1. Thank you Inez, I've given myself the challenge of actually sticking with this design for the rest of the year, since I'm forever changing it :) xx

  2. Congrats to this amazing milestone!! ♥

    Kianny Cordon

  3. congrats on your domain :) thats awesome x The company you went with also sound great! Might give them a try , thanks x

    Sophie Jenner

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