Wednesday 11 June 2014

My Weekend in Pictures.... Flash Cars and Frankie & Benny's

This weekend me, my boyfriend, mum and step dad took a road trip to Stafford to indulge in a little car action, okay, so I was a bystander, stood on the sidelines watching others whizz around a track, but it was a fun. Last August I bought my boyfriend a surprise Birthday gift of driving a sports car of his choice (out of a selection), it was quite the surprise and he was in shock that this was happening. This weekend gone we finally managed to get down and fulfill his gift.

 My partner drove a Lamborghini Gallardo (see top left/right corner - he drove the left one), he got a score of 89% for his driving skills (bearing in mind this was a pretty fast car), he got a certificate for effort and we paid for a 9x6 photo of his driving at a price of £16.00 - which will be framed from the kids for Father's Day. For these gifts they're particularly pricey (especially considering he also had to pay £20.00 for insurance there as well) but my partner loved in, even if it only lasted a short while and to me that's all that matters.

The weather was a little gloomy on the way down, but to our surprise it brightened up just in time for us leaving the car and the driving to begin.

We stopped by Frankie & Benny's in Preston on the way home for some tea (or dinner for you southerners). I last went here on my 21st Birthday and they were a whole lot of Birthday celebrations/cheers going on this weekend. I for one love Frankie & Benny's but with it being a Saturday it was pretty packed and resulted in a few mixed up orders, I asked for salad with my meal and got chips, I'm not one to complain but my step dad did for me and I just said I'd have the chips it's no problem - she still came back with a salad, which was free. My step dad also got the wrong meal too and the table behind us were a meal short and didn't get it until everyone else had finished eating and also never got the drinks they had ordered sent to their table. Still, it was a lovely evening with great food and lovely company.

Me and my mum ordered these non-alcoholic cocktails that were more ice to begin with then drink, and resulted in being a little watered down, I believe it was Frankie & Benny's cocktail special or something, I can't quite remember then name but I wasn't keen and swapped with my boyfriend who had a coke.

The restaurant is so dark flash was a must. 
I ordered BBQ chicken skewers that were served with a pot of BBQ sauce, coleslaw, corn on a cob and chips. It was very tasty and the skewers had a lovely spice to them that just added to the flavour.

My Mum had salt and pepper scampi with fries, watercress garnish and tartare sauce.

I didn't get photo's of the others but they had BBQ meatball pizza and a pasta dish. 

 For desert we all had Eli's salt caramel cheesecake, I was a little disappointed in this but everyone else really enjoyed it, I also felt the pudding was left lying around for a little while due to how much the ice
cream had melted. 

I really enjoyed my main course and was slightly underwhelmed by the drink/desert, and a few things that were done wrong. I put this down to being packed because Frankie & Benny's are usually a really great place to eat, and I've never visited when it's been so busy before.

After our meal the heavens opened and we were hit by torrential rain on the motorway home along with lightening and thundering, but we got to enjoy this rainbow before hand.

And I finished off the weekend by baking some peach and syrup shortbread - I've never baked shortbread before. I'm really getting into baking lately but don't have a lot of tools or baking equipment, unfortunately.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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  2. Ohh what a lovely weekend, I like your main course, its a shame about the drinks and dessert, xoxo.

    1. It was fantastic, yeah it was a shame, they weren't really my cup of tea xx


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