Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bloggers Do Sunshine Better | Sailing Lake Windermere

We pulled over on to a little island that only housed swans protecting their eggs for picnic dinner.

I'm using this post as part of my #bloggersdoitbetter challenge. Okay, so it wasn't exactly sailing but I can dream can't I? It was in fact a blow up canoe. The other day me and my Dad took time out of our normal day to day lives and drove up to the lake district. Lake Windermere is one of my favourite places to visit in Britain, growing up I visited on many occasions. It's been a good few years since I last took a trip up but what better way to spend the day then floating on the Lake Windermere with a little picnic and my Dad for company. We haven't had any Daughter, Father bonding time for a long time - I'm grown up now with a family of my own and it's not always easy to make the time for trips out and about. It was a gorgeous day despite the unpredictable weather (or should I say the weather people forever getting the weather wrong), we expected storms and got nothing of the sort. Here I thought I'd share with you some of my photo's from the day - Images were taken on my Samsung S4 mini so aren't the best quality, sorry!

 We had a walk up to a nearby castle and had great views of the lake.

  If you're ever in the area I can't recommend you taking a look around enough, the area is so beautiful and there's places to visit such as the Beatrix Potter museum plus lovely places to eat and drink. It's a great day to spend a summery sunshine day.

If you wish to use my images please get in touch via email.

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