Monday 16 June 2014

Festival Nails - Well, sort of!!

Picture quality isn't the best on this post.
 I saw a tutorial online the other day of the nails I'm about to show you and though it was so pretty, I also thought it would be really hard but it was the extremely easy to achieve. I'm not sure why but the whole design really gave me the feeling of festivals and with festival season upon us I thought this would give you some inspiration. 

 Being the huge lover of pinks and greens, these ended up being my go to nail paints to achieve this look. I picked three Barry M nail paints, one normal in matte white and two from the gelly hi-shine collection in key lime and grapefruit. I used matte white for a base and then added key lime - to achieve this look you paint down the nail in sections (thick stripes), starting from big and going small. Once dried you do the same using grapefruit. This look can be achieved with any polish of your choice, in any colour.

Using some nail art pens you can also add a tribal aztec print to really add a festival vibe to the nails.

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  1. Love these nails:)
    Just found your blog on Louise's blog and I love it.

    Hopefully we could stay in touch!!
    xoxo antonella <3

    1. Aww, thank you so much. Absolutely, I'd love to stay in touch xx


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