Wednesday 18 June 2014

4 Day's With Makeup Revolution | What You Waiting For? Palette

What you waiting for? palette - £6.00 here.

Today is day 3 and an exciting one with what you waiting for? palette. The Salvation palettes come with an incredible 18 shades 12 shimmer and 6 matte, and with five to choose from there's plenty of choice for everyone. Day 1 and 2 are here and here.

What you waiting for? is a really good day to night palette, with a selection of neutral, nude and darker (smokey eyed) shades. I've been loving nudes lately, especially those with a gorgeous shimmer and feel like what you waiting for? was made for me - or not! I can dream though. The salvation palettes are a little pricier then the ones from the normal Makeup Revolution line, but with an impressive 18 shades and a mirror (perfect for traveling), it's well worth the price and more in my eyes. The palette feels more sturdy too. What I'd like to see on future limited edition palettes is the box packaging print on the actual palette, that would be pretty groovy. But I am very impressed on first impressions.

Each of the shades have there own name. From left to right - 

We love you, tick tock, can't find the brake, moving car, do it alone and sex chromosome

Now it's only me, scary conversation, take a chance, shut my eyes, stupid h... and life is short.

 Your capable, super hot female, million dollar contract, hot track, brand new fans and wicked style.

This palette is inspired by Gwen Stefani I believe. Who doesn't like a bit of Gwen?

The very light shades need a few coats, but as the shades get darker the colour gets more intense and more pigmented, same with the matte, which is the same with all palettes. Overall my first impressions are great, I really hope I can snap up a few of the other palettes... we'll have to wait and see. I'm currently loving the look of Dia De Los Muertos, Girls On Film and Welcome To The Pleasuredome. Have you ordered any of the salvation palettes yet?

This post is in no way a review, just a first impressions swatch post.  These products were sent to be for review purposes.


  1. I love this! Its a shame the applicator isn't a brush but that's easily sorted! *adds to want list*

  2. For £6.00 we can hardly complain about the applicator lol xx

  3. Oh my word. I definitely need this for my collection. Im an eyeshadow junkie.


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