Friday 25 October 2013

You Beauty Advent Calendar

Purchase Here. < link. Looks what here the much anticipated beauty calendar from You Beauty aka Latest In Beauty. With a value of £240.00 and a price of just £49.95 it's more expensive then your adverage chocolate calendar but a bargain beauty wise. You can check the contents by clicking on the link. There's some great goodies to help you count down to christmas. P&P £4.95

Will you be buying?

Much Love 
Kate x


  1. Looks fab, I have a few of the bits in it already and already have the boots one so won't be buying, looks really good though xx

    1. The boots one is amazing. I really want this one but don't think I can justify the price for myself at the moment. Christmas is on the way and I've lots to buy. Really wish I could get a calendar though. They are good deals and you get way more then your moneys worth xx

  2. This looks so good! I've seen so many great beauty calendars, I literally want them all! I feel like I'd be getting such a bargain with this once though seeing how much it is worth & it looks like it has some really great products, thank you for sharing xx

    1. I no the feeling lol. I love the variety of this one though xx

  3. It looks good but I won't be purchasing hun, gonna save money and be good lol, xoxo.

    1. Me too. I'm going Christmas shopping Thursday and will be spending a fortune then. I've sorted my sister out, got a couple stocking fillers for the kids and one present for my daughter. On Thursday, I'm getting my other halfs families sorted, two for my daughter and three for my son so they have the same for now. A colouring book each, and a huge art kit has a joint present. Then I've got three left to get the kids between them and a couple of Dvd's then I'll be done for them, that will be at the end of November though along with the rest of my family. Need to buy the rest of my mums birthday present too which is on Sunday she's the big 40 lol. It all adds up, such an expensive time. Did I mention it's bonfire night next week too xx

    2. Haha, that's a lot of presents. Your a caring person Kate, xoxo.

    3. lol
      Step dad
      Doggy stockings x3
      colouring book x2
      four dvds
      three toys

      then done haha xx


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