Sunday 13 October 2013

Book Review #6

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, but not so much for Connor who works for the american goverment and american born model miranda who ran her away from home at 17 with a french man not before marrying him in las vegas where she lied about her age. Connor has been called in to protect miranda's parent's who she has nothing to do with after they received a note from someone. It's there connor first see's miranda's picture and something stirs inside him bringing him to paris after they find the note could possibly have been wrote by miranda. Along the way, connor acts on what stirred inside him of miranda and they both end up stirring each other up the long way. Connor has a real interest in miranda and it's obvious miranda has feelings for connor but she tries not to act upon them keeping men at bay because of her past. This story is heart warming with helping someone get over their past, it also contains domestic violence of a sexual nature. This is one of my favourite reads out of all the free book's I've ever downloaded to my kindle. Score 10/10.
Sam and Ginger have known each other their all lives. One dance and Sam grows feeling's or maybe he has done for longer then he thinks. This novel starts off as a sort of friends with benefits plot, but things become quite deep and intense quite quickly. Ginger develops feeling's or maybe they've been there all this time even when she was married, but ginger doesn't feel Sam likes her or LOVES her the way she does him, but he does and it's the same for him. A lot of things get in the way making them think otherwise about the relationship they may/or could have. It isn't long before they have that happily ever after are married in a week and Ginger/sam before hand facing a possible pregnancy which creates a stir because she may be have been pregnant out of wedlock. She's having morning sickness and what not but it turns out she's not pregnant at all. Score 7/10. I did enjoy parts of the book, but the ending was quite weird, planning a wedding and getting married within the week isn't quite realistic plus the whole pregnancy thing the write definitely tricked us there. It's not a bad book but I'd of liked to have read on, experience the build of the planning and nerves, reading about her first pregnancy.

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