Friday, 11 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art

Hi everyone. TGIF! Yay, it's the freakin' weekend. My Friday isn't going well and it's not even the 13th. I've broke a nail, got slightly electrocuted and my wire that plugs into the mains has gone again (how I got slightly electrocuted). It really blew up, light coming off it, wire melted making the wire snap where my finger was and BANG! Could of been worse but thankfully not. Now, I'm writing this post via the bloggers app on my new phone. So much better and easier then my old one. Though I've not managed to edit the photos.

I hope you all have a better weekend. Then my day.

Anyways a simple post today. I thought I'd have a dabble at some Halloween nail art. Though I'm not very good at it and haven't done much before, I thought I'd have a go. Maybe it will give you some inspiration? So I've done a few monsters. One I used MUA fur and added a eye (you can purchase at a craft shop). Also I did Zombie, pumpkin and a spiders webb. Of course it's bonfire night, so could not include a firework display, this is my favourite of the bunch and so easy to do. Though the photo doesn't do much justice, it is in fact an explosion of colour and lots of glitter and sparkles.

Included in this post is, one of reeses peanut butter bars in the name of a pumpkin. Very Halloween. I can't get enough of these, not one to opt for peanut butter alone, peanut butter and chocolate together is so tasty. Who'd of thought?

What are your plans for Halloween and bonfire? Have you decided on your fancy dress outfits?

Much Love
Kate X

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