Wednesday 2 October 2013

My Top Autumn/Winter 13 Nail Polish

I've put together some of my nail polish from my very own collection, to help you, get nail ready for Autumn/Winter. My personal favourites are Deep purples, reds/burnt orange shades, Nudes and blacks. I also like anything silvery and pale blues that show that ice queen inspired look - which I haven't included in this post but will probably do a NOTD in the future. The shades I've chose are very warm and perfect for the cold season and will have your nails looking very trendy, in the stroke of a nail polish brush. All nails in the photo's below are taken with one coat some may have two.

 Black Multi Glitter, Bright Purple and Indigo are from Barry M. Black Out from Rimmel. Indigo is absolutely gorgeous, you can see just how much the shade changes, in different lights.
 Copper and Cappucino are by Barry M. The other two Raw Honet and Gold Coast are from Khroma - aka Kardashian Beauty. A new bottle of Raw Honey will be in my next giveaway - Coming Soon.
Raspberry and Blood Orange again from Barry M (Blood Orange from the Gelly range). Blaze is from Khroma - aka Kardashian Beauty.

Next up are my two favourite glitter top coat polishes that are perfect for applying over coloured polishes. This post wouldn't be complete, without some glitter after all that's what Christmas is all about. 

Diamond Glitter and Yellow Topaz Glitter both by Barry M.

Have you got a favourite shade, ready for the upcoming cold months?
Have you got a favourite shade from the collection above?

With Love
Kate x


  1. I love your selection of polishes! For the colder months I also like deep purple, red and black shades!

    1. They are a great selection. I picked them from my collection especially from the post - hard to believe I had to open most of them especially for this post. I really love blood orange. That will be my go to polish for halloween/bonfire night definitely x

  2. The gold and indigo are lovely colours, xoxo.

    1. I love indigo too. It's almost like a Gelly polish in shine but it's just from the normal range. I think I'll be wearing the gold one this fall. I don't paint my nails much anymore. xx

  3. So nice!

    Maybe we can follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin, if you want? Let me know :)


  4. I love all of those shades! Indigo and the glittery black are reaaally gorgeous though. xx


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