Saturday 5 October 2013

Yes To Cucumber Facial Towelettes | Review

I  purchased these (for free) using my Birchbox points (which I have now cancelled, boohoo. - A sample overload was happening). I don't really use wipes but I've been known on the occasional lazy taking my make-up off day to use a baby wipe! I'd like to say my skins been left as soft as a baby's bottom, but I'd be lying. I've never had such bad skin has I did. I swear I'm suffering from adult acne, be thankful for your spots has teens people. (Since writing this post, my break out as cleared up dramatically. I put this down to a very good facial oil, which I'll review soon).

So the natural glow facial towelettes from the brand yes to (cucumber) came into my life for them lazy make-up days and for £4.99 they're on the expensive side but not expensive compared to some in price I've seen and you get 30 in a pack. According to the brand Yes to cucumbers, have cucumbers in (you don't say) with a mix of aloe vera and remove makeup and nourish skin, all in one swipe. I'd like to say they don't remove make up in one swipe you have to do a few swipes and rub a little but you only need one wipe thankfully. The scent isn't strong but it does smell  of cucumbers which is very refreshing. They sooth your skin leaving it feeling refreshed. The makeup removes really well, even eye make-up comes off (with a few swipes) For £4.99 there worth the price and wipes I'd recommend for sure. 98% of the product is natural too.

Have a good weekend people. What are your plans?


  1. I haven't actually used wipes for a long time but I like the sound of these and that they seem so refreshing with the cucumber. Xx

    1. I haven't used wipes for a long time (these however I have). I don't tend to purchase beauty wipes and usually used just a baby wipe for removing make-up on my lazy days. Which isn't often now I prefer to wash and cleanse thoroughly, I've had these for about two and half months and I've used them only several times. But they are good and very refreshing xx


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