Thursday 24 October 2013

Our New Christian Grey

Goodbye Charlie Hunnam

Hello Jamie Dornan!

I was sad to see Charlie Hunnam go, but due to a hectic TV and film schedule and personal family problems he had to pull out. I haven't seen any Charlie' work but I was quite happy myself to let him have a shot, even if I weren't that would be tuff! He's now been replaced by Jamie Dornan and isn't he something to look at? Though Charlie Hunnam had that bad boy look about him, I find Jamie looks a little softer round the edges which may well be a good thing, Christian Grey definitely has a softer side to him when it comes to Ana and I'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out on the big screen.

So what do we know about Jamie Dornan so far apart from the fact he dated Keira Knightly.

He his Irish. 31 years.
He originally modelled for big brands, Calvin Klein, Dior and Armani. 
He started acting in 2006.
He married his long term partner in April 2013 and they are currently expecting their first child together.

So what are your thoughts on the new Christian Grey? Yay or Nay.

Do you think Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan mesh well together?
Hopefully they don't have any more bad luck!

Images have been taken from Google.

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